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The Roof Repair Guys specialize in low cost, high quality repairs for the roof of your home or business. NEPA based, Serving Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Hazleton, Bloomsburg and all surrounding areas, The Roof Repair Guys are local veterans in understanding the unique needs of the PA home owner. Going above and beyond the client’s expectations, we offer preventative maintenance, shingle | metal | and rubber roof repair, siding repair, mobile home roof repair, roof replacement and much more. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation!

Free Estimates with Same Day Repair!

    Free Estimates with Same Day Repair!

      The Roof Repair guys Service

      The Roof Repair Guys specialize in low cost, high quality repairs for the roof of your home or business. NEPA based, Serving Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Hazleton, Bloomsburg and all surrounding areas, The Roof Repair Guys are local veterans in understanding the unique needs of the PA home owner. Going above and beyond the client’s expectations, we offer preventative maintenance, shingle | metal | and rubber roof repair, siding repair, mobile home roof repair, roof replacement and much more. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation!


      Most Repairs done in less than 24 hours! Utilize our Master level Craftsmanship with our Detailed Diagnostics System, and keep your current roof or new roof repair, performing optimally, saving thousands, for years. LEARN MORE


      Get that commercial roof repair done quickly and efficiently and keep those doors open and your clients dry. Then relax with our warranty and service packages, knowing your business and clients will be protected. LEARN MORE

      All Materials

      Certified in all material roofing types, The Roof Repair Guys are veterans at fixing any and all types of roofing. We take pride in knowing we can help keep you save, no matter your roof needs. LEARN MORE
      Clear & Clean

      Complete Roof Diagnostics



      A full interior inspection is performed to assess the extent of the damage, and surrounding areas. Following that, a complete exterior examination is undertaken in order to find the source of the damage. Tackling the roof failure from all sides.


      After the source of damage is identified, several plans are drawn up to fix the leak or issue, replace trouble areas and prevent future failure in the same areas. The best possible strategy to eliminate the issue is then chosen alongside the home or business owner.


      Once a solid strategy is formulated, the highest degree of skill and care are utilized to perform the repair. We use only the highest quality materials and take our time to do the job right, protecting your home for decades to come.?

      Client Testimonials

      5 stars

      Great company and customer service. Sam responded quickly and repaired my roof timely. He listened to me and inspected the roof to determine the problem and got to work! Everything was cleaned up when the project was completed. I highly recommend this company.


      5 stars

      These guys are incredibly responsive and communicate well. Fastest response I?ve ever received from a contractor. They return calls and keep you updated ever step of the way. Did a great job explaining what my roof needed and how they could repair it. I?m very impressed with this company.


      5 stars

      I had a leak in my roof and it was difficult to find someone to repair it because I have a very large 3 story double block with a slate roof. I found these guys and they responded to me very quickly and had it repaired within 2 days at a reasonable cost. They were very professional and did quality work. I would highly recommend using them for your roofing needs.


      12 Common Causes of Roof Failure

      1. Poor Diagnostics

      Shortcuts and misdiagnosis are the number one cause for roof failure. While many are eager to get a quick estimate, especially unqualified contractors who just want the job, getting an accurate and complete analysis of your roof is where The Roof Repair Guys take repair to the next level.

      2. Missing Shingles/Wind Damage

      Poorly installed shingles can fall victim to gravity or gusts of wind and tear free, ultimately weakening the roof system’s potential to perform. But, even more, replacing those shingles must be done properly to prevent future blow off or leaking.

      3. Poor Ventilation

      Poor ventilation causes subpar weather resistance and temperature control. This can cause ice damns to back up under shingles, mold and/or condensation to grow in attics, or will simply add dollars to your utility bill. Left unchecked these factors can lead serious damage in the home.

      4. Poor Drainage

      Rain gutters and drains are meant to control the flow of rain water and direct it to safe locations. Blockages in that system can lead to excesses of water going to undesirable places ultimately leading to roof damage or even the infiltration of rain water.


      5. Shingle damage / Punctures

      Nature can be harsh. The elements and even squirrels, those persistant little animals, can cause damage to the protective barriers of your home. Even temperature fluctuations can cause a constant rise and fall in the roof materials, causing punctures in the roof system.


      6. Satellite Dishes, Antennas and Lightning Rods

      Usually mounted to the roof causing unavoidable holes in the roof system, may make living more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable, but they need extra care and attention. Water sealants are used to prevent the infiltration of water, but poor application, and/or substandard or incorrect materials can lead to eventual failure and roof leaks.

      7. Chimneys

      Chimneys have two potential weaknesses. 1.) Where they pass through the roof system. They must be flashed with front flashing, step flashing, and back flashing (a cricket), and then that flashing must be counter flashed. 2.) Chimneys usually consist of masonry materials which has mortar joints that wear thin over time. Maintenance of these individual parts is essential in preventing leaks for the life of your roof.

      8. Skylights

      There’s only two kinds of skylights: the ones that leak, and the ones that don’t. Extreme differences in temperature through so thin a barrier needs extra counter measures to ensure sufficient installation. Many contractors fail to meet the necessary requirements in this area, leading to skylights becoming one of the most common areas for unwanted, water infiltration into the home.


      9. Pipes and Vents

      Cutting a hole into the middle of perfectly good roof is sure to lead to potential trouble spots. Pipe boots and roof vents are designed to divert water around these holes, but it is heart breakingly common for them to be installed incorrectly. Then poor repair companies cake the roof with cement or caulking to overcompensate. Unfortunately roof cement and caulking are not intended for that repair and fail often.


      10. Valleys

      Valleys naturally occur where two planes of a roof surface intersect. They are gathering points for virtually all rain, snow and ice that falls over the area of a roof. This abundance of water combined with the lower roof angle that occurs in all valleys, guarantees that even the simplest of mistakes, or even the smallest downgrade in the quality of materials, can cause water to gush into a home during a storm.


      11. Dormers

      Dormers really jazz up the look of a home, as well as add some space and light to the inside, but they are completely surrounded by potential leak points. They suffer all the challenges of a chimney with additional valleys and flashings for potential leaks. Dormers are one the most common locations for leaks to occur in Pennsylvania.

      12. Step Flashing

      Anywhere a vertical surface protrudes up from a roof, you need to use step flashing. It is common for inexperienced roofers to cheat in these areas or even install them incorrectly, which is sure to lead to inevitable leaks. No substitute is sufficient. Without step flashing water only needs to back up under the shingles slightly in order to find its way against the wall, and under the shingles. You’ll find step flashing around chimneys, dormers, and gable walls anytime they are sealed properly.

      Service Solutions

      Installation & Repair

      The Roof Repair Guys have the resources and know-how to stop all those nasty roof leaks, organic build-up, and damages. We even perform money saving installs, upgrades and replacements. On top of it we also offer maintenance and repair programs to keep your roof performing better, longer. Keep your warranty in tact!

      Leak Diagnose & Fix

      We examine both the interior and exterior with our full diagnostics system. Once we identify the leak, we go the extra mile to investigate its potential damage spread, and repair it all, stopping your leak and future related leaks.


      Some of us want a little time to make the best roofing decision. No problem! We will come out and install a tarp over the damaged site to prevent further leaks and issues. A properly installed tarp can protect the weak spot for months, where a poorly installed one may blow off in a night.

      Chimney Repair

      Old or poorly installed chimneys are a frequent source of leaks and roof failure. We professionally repair the chimney, and the surrounding roof, to ensure your repair keeps you dry. Not to mention the money saving value of closing up those air leaks for the winter.

      Ice | Snow | Mildew | Dirt Clean & Clear

      As the seasons progress, mother nature offers all sorts of challenges to your roof. We gladly remove Ice, Snow, Mildew and Dirt, preventing leaks and reducing structural stress. These elements might look harmelss, but over time they can work their way into all areas of your home or business.

      Shingle | Metal | rubber repair

      For The Roof Repair Guys, no roof is too big or too small. Nor can you show us a material we have not seen and repaired. Our vast experience covers all types of roofs: Shingle, Metal, Rubber and even the ever difficult slate roof repair.


      “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” –¬†Benjamin Franklin

      Regular maintenance packages as well as weatherization packages can ensure that your roof or repair will perform optimally for years. It also keeps your warranty intact, holding contractors responsible.

      About Roof Maintenance

      Many roofing warranties come with explicit instructions to inspect your roof at least twice a year, to stay valid. You can have The Roof Repair Guys inspect and maintain your roof regularly, for a low, no worry fee. Let us make sure your roof is up to standard, and we will fight for you when its not!

      Project Gallery

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      Before & After

      Roof Clean & Clear

      Roof Clean & Clear

      Metal Roof Repair

      Metal Roof Repair

      Shingle Replace

      Shingle Replace

      New Over Old

      New Over Old

      The Roof Repair Truths

      Reasons to simply repair

      1. Perhaps your roof is approaching the end of it’s lifespan.
      2. Maybe it isn’t that old and is leaking prematurely.
      3. Or maybe your roof was just downright installed incorrectly.
      4. No matter what the case, we can help!

      The only reason to replace is because your roof is beyond repair. We can help you decide to repair or replace your roof, examining all the options.

      The truth??

      If you’re like most of us, then you probably haven’t been setting money aside to cover the cost of a new roof. The truth is that the right guys with the right tools and know-how can properly fix almost any roof leak for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and more-over, those same guys posses the potential to exponentially extend the life of a roof.

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