Barn Roof Repair in Franklin Township

Mar 12, 2020

Franklin Township has recently been the victim of high winds. These winds had caused the trees next to James and Linsay’s barn to sway much more than usual and as a result, the trees came into contact with their barn’s metal roof. These heavy trees swaying in the high winds had ripped off a portion of their metal roof, exposing the inside to the elements.

James and Lindsay use the barn to house livestock and store expensive equipment and supplies. If another storm hit before the roof was repaired, not only would the rain destroy the equipment and traumatize the livestock, it would also rip off more of the metal roof, potentially the entire roof. This would cause a massive amount of property damage as well as becoming very unsafe for the couple’s family and pets.

This a perfect example of The Roof Repair Guys responding to a customer’s emergency with lightning speed. 


We knew we had to get a roof repair done quickly and professionally. The Franklin Township couple was worried about their family, the livestock and the barn. It was understandable that they wanted to repair immediately. The Roof Repair Guys did not disappoint. We arrived at the barn within a few hours. James explained he didn’t want to take the time to find the perfect color to match his roof, he just wanted it patched up perfectly.


Typically when we get a phone call for a roof repair, our first step is to go to the site and make an estimate on the cost of repairing the roof. We then procure the parts and color match them to the rest of the roof so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the roof. In this case, James asked us to repair his barn quickly and he didn’t care about matching the repair to the roof. Speed was a priority.


Realizing his situation, we came out with metal roof repair materials that hadn’t been color-matched to his roof.

We got to work immediately and had the repair finished in a couple of hours, on the same day he contacted us!


This case demonstrates the efficiency and speed at which The Roof Repair Guys work. After the repair, we explained how James could create customized paint to color match his roof in the near future. He was very grateful for the repairs, please read his testimonial below.


“I highly recommend The Roof Repair Guys. A tree had scraped the roof of my barn and rubbed off a piece of the roof. I wanted to get it repaired ASAP, because I have a couple horses and some John Deer farming equipment in the barn. Nobody seemed to care enough to come over to Franklin Township quick. The Roof Repair Guys repaired my roof on the same day I called! Call them if you want something done fast! I will definitely call Sam again if I need any roof work done!” 


Call The Roof Repair Guys if you need high-quality repairs done quickly. Our goal is to leave every customer satisfied.