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We are......

The Roof Repair Guys

We specialize in high quality, low cost roof repair!

Your Dream Home Is Here

Most contractors...

…use roof repair leads to try and convince home owners that they need to replace their roof: often, long before they actually do. Hey, they want the big job and the big pay check.

dont throw money away

But, we don't replace roofs...

We’re The Roof Repair Guys! Our objective is to substantially extend the period of time between today, and the day that roof needs to actually be replaced. And… we are darned good at it!

We Repair Them!

We focused our entire business on taking care of your roof and it’s longevity. So, in reality, you are in control of the fate of your home. 

In the end, it is our job to educate you on the best solutions for your home. And it is your joy, to choose the one that best works, for you.


The Best Experience Ever

Grace and Ryan, two totally satisfied customers of the extremely difficult Slate Roof. 

Listen to the hilarious tales these two had to endure as they search for quality roof repair!

Duration 1+ min

Get Repaired Today!

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