Fortifying Homes: The Ultimate Chimney Repair Solution in Forty Fort, PA

The Forty Fort Chimney Repair

In the serene town of Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, The Roof Repair Guys were called out to check on a chimney leak. The Homeowners shingle roof and chimney flashing had failed causing moisture to seep in through the flashing. It is always distressing to have damage emerge on your roof, but that’s exactly why high quality roofers are there to help. We, as much as you, want to protect and secure your home and its charming chimney. For this unique Forty Fort project, we offered unparalleled expertise and solutions to put the homeowner at ease.   

Assessing the issue

Any type of visible moisture signs can be distressing to homeowners, it always spells bad news. And in this case, the area around the chimney was found to be the area of the roof failure. With all the heavy rainfall we have been having lately, gaps in the chimney flashing began to cause moisture penetration. So we needed to get the chimney fixed fast. We started by taking some aerial photography, climbed up on the roof and accurately pinpointed the issues. We were going to have to replace the surrounding shingles as well as the flashing around the chimney.

Expert Solutions

At “The Roof Repair Guys,” we use the very latest in modern techniques and materials to meticulously remove damaged items and replace them with those that will last for years. So we began to tear down the old flashing to make room for the new. Weather can slowly take its toll on the areas around a chimney, which is why so many leaks start at them. And in this case, the other contractor used an outdated method to apply the chimney flashing, leading to several gaps in the protection. Our skilled technicians meticulously remove damaged materials and implement cutting-edge solutions, including new ice and water barriers, precision step flashing, and high-quality shingle replacements. All of these pieces start working together to what will become the chimneys new protective layers.

Protective Measures

We go above and beyond to safeguard chimneys from future harm. Our comprehensive repair plans include the installation of aluminum water diverters and cricket diverters to channel rainwater away from vulnerable areas, ensuring long-lasting protection for your home. It’s not just about fixing the leak, but also making sure it won’t happen again. We want the homeowner to stay dry after all.

Craftsmanship and Quality

With years of experience in the industry, “The Roof Repair Guys” had the knowhow to jump right into the work, anticipating every challenge along the way. They are sure to be meticulous in craftsmanship and exceptional quality in every project. So we handled every task at this point from grinding new masonry reglets to expertly installing counterflashing. Our team took every step necessary to be sure the job was completed A to Z.

Client Satisfaction

The Roof Repair Guys understand the importance of restoring peace of mind to homeowners facing chimney issues and leaks. That’s why we strive to exceed expectations with our prompt, professional service and attention to detail. Every project is a connection with another member of our community. We might not always do roofing repairs in Forty Fort, but we are always happy to help out our neighbors when we can.


The Roof Repair Guys make sure that we stand apart from our competition in terms of quality and value. Every project we do is like working on our own home and we want every homeowner to feel as if they are being taken care of by a family member. Combine that with the decades of experience we have and it makes for a winning combination. So if you ever have a leaking chimney, do not hesitate to give us a ring and enjoy a free estimate brought to you by The Roof Repair Guys.