How We Fixed Multiple Leaks and Enhanced Durability for a Roof Repair in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Roof Repair in Wilkes-Barre, PA

The Roof Repair Guys were recently tasked with a challenging roof in Wilkes-Barre, PA. At this particular residential roof, there were multiple leaks that caused a lot of problems for the homeowner. Luckily, The Roof Repair Guys were called out to the scene and offered the homeowners a comprehensive repair plan that perfectly suited their needs. This article details the services performed, from removing damaged shingles to installing an ice and water barrier, and replacing a box vent, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

1. Identifying the Problem

First we were called out when the homeowner noticed some persistent leaks in various areas of their roof and interior. These leaks were primarily around the box vent and near the step flashing. We knew that the leaks would lead to bigger issues down the road, so we took action immediately.

2. Initial Assessment

Our roofing experts conducted a thorough inspection to identify all problem areas. We discovered that improper counter-flashing and aging shingles around the box vent were the main culprits causing water infiltration. Additionally, downspouts on either side of the hip roof were poorly positioned, causing water to dump directly onto the leak-prone areas.

3. Removing Damaged Shingles

To start the repair process, we carefully removed the damaged shingles surrounding the box vent. This step was essential to provide clear access for installing new materials and ensuring a secure, leak-proof seal. We took extra care to avoid damaging any more shingles than necessary, though we were prepared to replace any that tore during the removal process.

4.  Installing Ice and Water Barrier

After clearing out the area of damaged pieces, it was time to install an ice and water barrier. We carefully measured the box vent and made sure that our protective layer fit perfectly. This high quality barrier is an extra layer of protection for your home. Water infiltration is a big problem that just keeps getting bigger, so these extra layers prevent this Wilkes-Barre home from ever having to deal with it again.  

5. Replacing the Box Vent 

So, we got the damaged and rotting shingles out of the way. Then, we put down the initial ice and water barrier. But it’s time to turn our attention to the failing roof box vent. The outdated box vent was not providing effective protection against water and its infiltration. Careful not to cause any more damage, we removed the old box vent. We then prepped the area for the new vent. Once the area was secure, we took the new box vent and applied it to the roof. This new vent is of the highest quality and will ensure that the ventilation and air system of the residential roof will hold strong.  

6. Reinstalling/Replacing Shingles

After installing the new box vent, it was time to reinstall or replace the shingles around the vent area. By overlapping the box vent installation we create a water tight seal for the shingles. We started by reinstalling the good removed shingles, ensuring they were securely fashioned to the roof. Then, for the areas where the shingle damage was to great, we installed new shingles. Due to the sun fading the old roof structure, we had to use a color that was most comparable. They may not be a perfect match, but they blend as closely as possible to maintain the roofs overall appearance.

7. Flashing Repairs

The next step involved addressing the flashing issues that contributed to the leaks. We identified areas where improper counter-flashing had been installed, leading to water seepage. We then measured up the areas and manufactured metal step flashing to adhere to the area. This ensured a watertight seal between the asphalt roofs and any connecting areas. This step flashing effectively direct water away from any vulnerable areas.

8. Extending Downspouts

One of the biggest reasons this Wilkes-Barre roof was leaking, was the placement of downspouts. These were located on either side of the hip roof. These original downspouts were pouring water onto leak-prone areas, making the water issue much worse. To resolve this issue, we needed to alter the trajectory of the water by extending the downspouts. We also used leaders into the gutter system below, ensuring that all the flowing water would run off the roof instead of pooling up in problem areas. This simple but crucial adjustment helps prevent water accumulation and reduces the risk of future leaks.

9. Final Inspection and Results

Finally we got every piece of the Wilkes-Barre roof back together. The homeowner was elated. But will still had to perform one last final inspection, to be sure the roof would stand the test of time and mother nature. We checked the integrity of the new box vent, checked to be sure the ice/water barrier was properly sealed, double checked the placement of the shingles and finally went over the metal flashing and downspouts. The Roof Repair Guys always double check every step of our work to ensure the highest quality for you and your home, just like this one. With all of this combined, our repairs not only resolve immediate issues, but ensure longevity in the structure for years to come.

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At The Roof Repair Guys, we’re dedicated to serving the Wilkes-Barre community with reliable and high-quality roofing services. Our recent roof repair project demonstrates our ability to tackle complex issues and deliver outstanding results. If you’re experiencing roofing problems or want to ensure your roof is in top condition, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. Let us take care of your roofing needs and provide you with peace of mind.