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Jonathan and Laura from Throop, in Lackawanna County, first contacted us after they noticed damage to their roof, and needed a repair quickly. It was right after an August storm with high winds, and heavy rain fall. They left messages for two other roofing companies in located in Throop, PA, but delays kept the repairs from happening. This was the first time their roof experienced damage so they were unsure of what to expect from the roofing companies. The Roof Repair Guys came to the rescue and happily assisted the couple with their Lackawanna roof repairs and replacement questions.


The first company they called gave a quote over the phone that was much higher than the couple expected. This company also informed them that due to the storm, they would only repair roofs above a specific price. These contractors were quoting a blanket price for their Lackawanna roof repairs. Due to the busy post storm repair times, this company was taking advantage of people in their time of need. They were using the storm as a way to force customers to sign contracts with inflated prices.

The second contractor would only come by within the next three days and do a “walkthrough”. After patiently waiting for three days, to the couple’s dismay, the contractors never showed up!

The couple was stressed out and upset by these companies, until they called The Roof Repair Guys.

We completely understand how upsetting this could be, at The Roof Repair Guys, customer satisfaction is the most important thing when repairing or replacing a roof. Please take a look at Jonathan and Laura’s review.


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“We are so glad we called The Roof Repair Guys before we paid some other contractor a lot of money. Some shingles got blown away in a storm and all the other companies were giving us the runaround. We called The Roof Repair Guys and they showed up the next day!

They came to our home in Throop the following afternoon. Our home was thoroughly examined, from the outside and inside. The Repair Guys team leaders sent out were friendly and professional. He connected with their crew, and showed up the next morning. They removed the broken shingles, stopped the leak inside and then patched up our roof. They even used shingles the same color as our roof! You can’t even tell it was was repaired because everything is perfect. If you have any issues with your roof, and need some Lackawnna roof repairs, The Roof Repair Guys are the best!”


The experienced teams at The Roof Repair Guys are the most qualified and professional teams in NEPA.


Please take a look at our extensive reviews and you’ll see many Lackawanna roof repairs and other great reviews for The Roof Repair Guys. We pride ourselves on our quality, response time and making happy customers. If you have any questions please call us at 1800 NO LEAKS (66-53257). In addition to Lackawanna roof repairs we service all of Pennsylvania and has direct and first hand experience of the intense storms and weather that occurs all around Northeastern PA. To ensure you are happy with our work and offered many options, we have a mobile showroom to highlight many of the popular roofing materials and designs for you. Give us a call and we will come to you and give you a free estimate!

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