Leak Diagnostic Process

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    Leak Diagnostic Process

    As with any commercial or residential roof diagnostics and service repair, the details matter. We realize that there may be financial or insurance constraints with your roof. In order to get the home or business owner the best possible repair and price, we strategize with the business owner and formulate a budget and timeline. We can provide several solutions for repairs at varying prices.

    1. Initial Contact

    We promptly answer your telephone call or email. Many contactors will take a few days to respond to your inquiry, all while you worry about the roof and the damage leaks may cause to your home. The Roof Repair Guys pride ourselves on responding promptly to your call. Needing roof repairs is difficult enough, The Roof Repair Guys understand your emergency and will respond quickly to your repair needs. Once we answer the call we reassure the homeowner about the problem, no problem is too big for The Roof Repair Guys! We then give a description regarding the timeline of repairs. We also schedule a time to come to your location, we are very flexible and will work around your schedule.

    2. Diagnosis

    Upon arriving at your home, our lead project manager will discuss the problems your roof is experiencing and give an overview of what damage he is looking for. We are locally owned and operated company, so we understand common issues with roofing in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are familiar with the multitude of temperatures and weather patterns experienced in beautiful Pennsylvania. These weather patterns cause so much damage if not accounted for; blizzards, tornadoes, thunder storms and more. The Roof Repair Guys strive to be the best roof repair company around. And our repair processes, focuses on being a prompt and of the highest quality. We not only offer repairs, but peace of mind and the utmost client satisfaction.

    Making a proper diagnosis is the key to fully repairing your roof thus, our diagnosis is free.

    The Roof Repair Guys follow a patented diagnosis plan, which usually takes less than an hour to complete. To ensure we provide the best solution, we examine the issue in three steps.

    Inspection Process


    First we will examine the roof from the inside. We carefully inspect all the relevant components and diligently search for problem areas. There may be leaksdamage that are initially not visible to the homeowner.

    After identifying any internal issues we then proceeded to the exterior. Our ultimate goal for diagnosis is to identify all the problems with the roof.

    We then perform a “walk around” with the homeowner. As a team, The homeowner and The Roof Repair Guys will examine different aspects of the roof together. We search for mechanical integrity, proper drainage and physical damage. In fact, we are commonly contacted by homeowners who had their roof ?repaired? by other contractors. The other company did not follow a detailed diagnosis plan and missed other problems that were not repaired. The home owners then call The Roof Repair Guys to perform a thorough job, keeping them safe for years.


    Finally we confer with the homeowner and discuss the different options available and choose the best one for the homeowner. We reflect costs, budgets, needs and wants for the repair. Then we get you the best possible solution for your home or business needs.

    Although we pride ourselves on quickly responding to a claim, sometimes a homeowner needs information urgently. To give the homeowner / commercial building owner peace of mind immediately, we can use satellite imagery to help identify the repairs needed. Using snapshots of your roof by Google Earth?s satellites we are able to provide a rough estimate of the costs of materials and labor instantaneously.

    Using satellite imagery for roof diagnostics and services gives us an edge. We are able to determine the square footage of the roof, noting the slope and any physical damage, as well as get a jump on the urgency of your situation. We can assess the leak/damage is by using an advanced patented computer program. And, through complicated algorithms we are able to pinpoint damage to your roof and provide an estimate. The Roof Repair Guys embrace any new technology in order to get you the best price for your repair!

    3. Assemble the Team

    Once we decide on a solution, we assign the best professional team for your particular roof. We are very proud to employ amazing people who have defended our country. We have many veterans on our teams and offer veterans a discount as a show of gratitude for our armed forces. Having flexible pool of team members ensures your roof is handled by those with an extensive experience in your particular repair.

    4. Initiate and Execute the Plan

    Finally, your roof repair team members schedule to work on your roof and promptly begin repairs. In fact, it is often as quickly as the next day!