Whitehall PA | Leaking Roof Replacement

Aug 22, 2019

The Roof Repair Guys pride themselves on being able to handle any roofing or siding repair situation. In this case, we were visited the home of Gerald and Michelle, of Whitehall PA. They had a real nasty leak on their traditional shingle roof, that was slowly destroying their property. See how the Roof Repair Guys fixed the leak and increased the value of their property at the same time.

whitehall leaking asphalt shingles

Allentown Suburban Roofing

whitehall pa roofing

Whitehall is a suburb of Allentown PA, and thus has a wide range of rural and urban development?s. Not many are aware that your location plays a role in repair speed and costs, especially when it comes to material delivery. So we had to investigate using satellite imagery to determine the fastest and best way to get the Whitehall leaking roof repair done. In this case, it was a fairly urban area, with many homes located nearby. So the Roof Repair Guys speed and accuracy are top importance, in this situation. You always want keep neighbors happy, and the street traffic flowing smoothly. So, even before any work is done, the Roof Repair Guys present several plans at your disposal.

But, now The Roof Repair Guys need to get on top of the roof and in the home to explore what is causing the numerous leaks. It appears that the constant wind and thunderstorms, that have been plaguing Northeast PA, took down another roof. This time, it was a double story asphalt shingle roof. As you can see from the image, the roof leak was an emergency situation. In fact, a tarp lay on the home to act as a temporary layer of protection while the owners search for a repair crew. The damage was so severe that we knew the best course of action would be installing a new Whitehall leaking roof replacement.

chimney flashing

Additionally when working with EPDM roofs many caustic chemicals must be handled. These chemicals must be carefully applied using standardized practices and protected against, as they may corrode other parts of the roof. Let us come and repair the roof and take all the necessary precautions to handle the chemicals and repair. Once hired, you will have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in the hands of professionals.

underlayment installation

However, as one might have guessed from their failed shingle roof experience, they wanted something better. We discussed with them all the options for roofing available in Whitehall, PA. Ultimately they went with the highest level of protection and greatest longevity possible with a new Standing Seam metal roof.

So The Roof Repair Guys team, tore down the old shingle structure as much as needed to guarantee its support. Then we applied not one, but two different layers of underlayment to protect the roof from weathering. Something the old contractors skipped with their shingle. I wonder why it leaked? We then applied proper furring strips and other structural elements to support the new metal roof.

roof underlayment

From that support structure, we were well on our way to finishing this Whitehall leaking roof replacement. This is where called our experienced team of metal contractors to cut, bend and install the premium standing seam roof. Every step when forward without a hitch, and the result? Gerald and Michelle have a brand new standing seam metal roof. A roof, that not only add value to their home, but offers the best levels of wind and storm protection imaginable.

whitehall metal roof replacement