The Story of Metal Roof Repair in Emerald PA

Aug 15, 2019 | Local Work

The Roof Repair Guys were recently contacted to replace the roof of a beautiful church in Emerald, PA. This historic church had an exposed fastener roof that was installed over four decades ago by another contractor. The church wanted to revitalize its look as the exposed fastener roof had? started to look dingy and stained.

church before

The wonderful people at the church contacted us as recent storms had damaged their old roof. Located in Emerald, PA this church had experienced several severe rain and wind storms. As a result, the old roof began leaking water onto the pews. The church was concerned that their leak would force them to shut down their religious services. Thus, the church wanted quality work done as quickly as possible. After searching online for roof repair in Emerald PA The Roof Repair Guys started working on the roof the next day.

church removal

The repair team skillfully tore down the old roof, paying extra attention to keeping the area clean, reducing noise levels, and to protect the nearby home and street. Understanding the urgency of the project, we made sure to tear down the old roof as quickly as possible and were able to complete the prep in one day.?After removing the old roof we immediately began to apply a two layered underlayment which confers waterproofing and ice-proofing characteristics.

Additionally this tough material adds extra structural support to the new roof. Our primary goal was to ensure that the new metal roof would revitalize the aesthetics of the church. Above all, we install roofs that have a very long lifespan.?

The Finished Roof

After incorporating the premium underlayer, we began to set up the standing seam metal roof. In the picture below you can really appreciate the clean lines and professional look of the standing seam roof.?

The Roof Repair Guys always produce beautiful and high quality roofs and repairs. This roof was replaced in less than a weeks time.?As a result, the church was able to hold its Sunday morning religious services with a brand new and leak free roof.?The congregation loved the new roof and were completely satisfied. The Roof Repair Guys easily work with any budget and time frame, we stand by our work and truly enjoy contributing to the community.

roof lines
church finished

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