Stopping Luzerne County Leaks With The Roof Repair Guys!

Stopping Luzerne County leaks is how the roof repair guys got their start. And that tradition of excellent local service continues strong to this day. For this weeks roofing project round-up, we explore multiple leaks, centered around the valleys and chimney of an asphalt shingle roof. In this example, water managed to permeate almost the entire roofing structure. The results were nasty, to say the least. Check out The Roof Repair Guys solution below.

preparring a metal roof replacement


Investigate and Analyze

Always use due diligence when investigating a roof. Their are so many potential leak points on a structure, that one must take their time at this step.

On this Pittston home, a tarp installation provided the home owner enough protection to research multiple roofing solutions for her home. A little trick to help you think clearly during your roof decision process.

The Roof Repair Guys offer Tarp services to take the pressure of your roofing solution choice.

luzerne pa tarping

Prevent Further Damage

pittston pa roofers

It is not enough to only survey the current leaks. Your roof repair crew should always inspect the entire roof, inside and out. When it comes to moisture and it?s ability to spread, their is no telling how far or how long it has been eating away at your home.

In this case, their were a combination of valley leaks, chimney flashing leaks, gutter clogs and a little bit of organic growth.

This lead the owner to debate getting a new roof vs repairing many locations on this quickly failing roof. The perfect time to tarp and think.



She Chose a Metal Roof Replacement

Quite frankly, the home owner is.

Tired of repairing these shingles, every year it’s another two leaks!

With a statement like that, we knew a more permanent solution was necessary. We went over new advancements in shingle application. Then, multiple options for metal and wood also floated across the table. This Luzerne County home owner had lots to consider. But when we shared the price and quality difference between top level shingles and master rib panel, she knew instantly what she wanted for her home. A new exposed fastener metal roof.

shingle tear down
roof valley protection

The Roof Repair Guys got to work.

First we had to clean up the old roof of all problem areas and rotten wood. This would prevent the old damage from effecting the new roof. We then installed proper shielding to the shingle layers for additional protection. Additional structural support was then added on top of the protective underlayments.

And finally, we were ready for the master level metal installation. Afterall, The Roof Repair Guys team have been working with metal roofing for over 40 years!


Maximum Protection in Pittston

exposed fastener master rib green

Now we can safely say that a single drop of water will not leak through this roof. In fact, we Guarantee it!

So if you are looking for a quick leak repair, or total roof replacement, do not hesitate to contact The Roof Repair Guys and get it done in as little as 24 hours.

luzerne county metal roof