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    Materials We Service

    The vast amount of materials one can choose for a roof is daunting. From cost effective asphalt shingles to rare alloys such as copper or zinc, there is a huge variety of roofing materials. Having been in the business for over 40 years, The Roof Repair Guys have been at the forefront of roof repair. Having installed and repaired thousands of roofs, The Roof Repair Guys have experience with all the currently available materials. We treat every material differently as they each have specific properties and methods of repair. The Roof Repair Guys use their combined expertise and knowledge to get you that high quality, seamless, perfect repair at a fair price.






    Asphalt Shingle

    The simplicity of installation and the availability of materials make Asphalt Shingle one of the most common roofing materials. However, that also means it is easy for anyone to claim they can repair. 40% of our calls are to fix other contractors poor repair work.

    Roof Material Gallery


    A step up in terms of longevity and all around performance, Metal Roofing is slowly becoming the new standard due to modern advancements and availability. However, these roofs need regular maintenance and will loose all those wonderful benefits, if they are not kept in optimal condition.

    Material Roof Diagnostics



    The process for Diagnosing a roof failure, varies for different materials. However, no matter the source, a complete interior and exterior must be done. On top of that, all areas surrounding the point of roof failure, must also be investigated to prevent later damages.


    We always walk each and every client through a few possibilities when choosing their roof solution. Our goal is not to sell you like many other contractors, trying to get the biggest pay day, but to give you the best options for your unique situation and work on a solution together.


    Based on your preference, we initiate and complete the repair tasks. We then do complete after inspections, work area clean up, and plan with you to keep your home protect longer, for less. We are in the business of total roof life support, not just a one time patch.

    Rubber | Flat Roof

    More common on commercial buildings, flat or rubber roofing is one of the most unique roofing materials. The challenge with rubber|flat roofing, is the toll temperature fluctuations and direct weight can take. This is especially true around roof protrusions, of which, commercial roofs have many. But not to worry, The Roof Repair Guys specialize in rubber and flat roof repairs as well.


    Client Testimonials

    5 stars

    Great company and customer service. Sam responded quickly and repaired my roof timely. He listened to me and inspected the roof to determine the problem and got to work! Everything was cleaned up when the project was completed. I highly recommend this company.


    5 stars

    These guys are incredibly responsive and communicate well. Fastest response I?ve ever received from a contractor. They return calls and keep you updated ever step of the way. Did a great job explaining what my roof needed and how they could repair it. I?m very impressed with this company.


    5 stars

    I had a leak in my roof and it was difficult to find someone to repair it because I have a very large 3 story double block with a slate roof. I found these guys and they responded to me very quickly and had it repaired within 2 days at a reasonable cost. They were very professional and did quality work. I would highly recommend using them for your roofing needs.


    Stone | Slate

    One of the most challenging roof repairs is on slate or stone roofs. In fact, we are often met with relief when we inform home owners that we do, in fact, fix slate roofing. But rest assured, we are experts in juggling the wieght and other unique challenges that are presented with the slate roof.

    What about Maintenance?

    Reasons to Maintain

    1. Dramatically increase your roof lifespan
    2. Prevent premature leaks and roof failure
    3. To keep your roof warranty active
    4. It saves you money on bills, insurance discounts, and more….

    If you maintain your roof with a regular schedule, your benefits will greatly outweigh the costs. In fact, it will cost less than just one repair.

    We often get the question: Should I repair or replace?

    The truth??

    A roof repair or roof, in general, is only as strong as its protection level. However, far too many allow their roofs to go into disarray, or worse, were never even told they had to maintain their roof. This results in rejected warranties and poor performance of their roof. Imagine being promised a 50 year roof, only to have leaks 2 years later. Schedule The Roof Repair Guys to keep that roof maintained, and your materials covered by warranty.

    Before & After

    Roof Clean & Clear

    Roof Clean & Clear

    Metal Roof Repair

    Metal Roof Repair

    Shingle Replace

    Shingle Replace

    New Over Old

    New Over Old