Plains, Pa. Metal Awning Repair

Sep 5, 2019

This week, The Roof Repair Guys are called out to Plains, PA. for a metal awning repair. It can be disheartening to see your friends and family darting through your front door to avoid the potential catastrophe above. Or even worse, a seal snaps over your head, pouring down water, just as you make your way out to a new job interview. Your front door is where you greet and welcome in those weary from the outside world. And for our good friend Dominick, his front door was not all that welcoming. Of course, that was until The Roof Repair Guys stepped up and turned the eyesore into beautiful new repaired metal awning, perfectly accentuating Dominick’s home.

plains awning repair complete

Local PA Home Specialists

Being Luzerne County locals, traveling through Plains many times, we already knew the home that needed work to be done. The Roof Repair Guys always look out for our neighbors homes that are in need. So when we got the call, we were ready to mobilize. As experienced contractors, we came prepared and equip for whatever questions or concerns Dominick had for us, before things got rolling. Which is probably why he was so generous to leave us a 5 star review on home advisor. Although, I am sure the high quality awning above his front door had something to do with it. But let’s explore the metal awning repair in Plains, Pa.

This way you will see, no job is too big or too small for The Roof Repair Guys Master Treatment.

luzerne county damaged metal awning
metal awning damage for repair

Highest Quality Inspection

Unlike those fly-by-night roof repair contractors, The Roof Repair Guys dive deep into every project. At first Dominick experienced a little leaking at his home in Plains, PA, sparking the repair contact. So we went out to explore the failing awning with him. He pointed out the leaking areas as well as a few other concerns he had for the structure. We then, took our team up and under the home to investigate all the potential damage.

repairing awning structure
damaged awning debris build up

While Dominick had a good eye, he missed a few simple fixes that would keep his roof repair stronger, longer. Because there was such a buildup of material on the awning, moisture and mold had the chance to penetrate in a variety of different ways.

The direct leaks were easier to spot, as was the damage to the metal itself. However, there were wooden structural issues, as well as installation issues that the previous crew cut corners on. The results were water streams trailing behind the awning, dumping right into Dominick’s home. One more reason why you should always research your roofing contractors to get the best quality craftsmanship.

Awning Repair Completed!

But rest assured awning owners of Luzerne County, The Roof Repair Guys have got you covered. Within a few hours after we had our initial inspection, we formulated out plan. First, we clean and clear the entire structure and re-evaluate any hidden damage that exposes itself. In this case, our first estimate was accurate, so we moved forward with the plan.

plains awning repair complete
repaired awning over front door plains pa

We address all the damaged wood, to prevent future underside structural failure and degradation. Then, we went the extra mile at the roof/siding intersection. This is exactly where the other guys skipped out on quality, resulting in all this damage. We properly attached a flashing layer, with added protection layers, to the house, creating an impenetrable seal. The Roof Repair Guys and Dominick then decided on a new style and look that would best represent his vision. We then customized the old structure to beautifully merge with the new. Then the metal was cut, bent and installed as per Dominick’s direction. And the results.. A beautiful new awning with the integrity of a fully developed roof, to protect this Luzerne County, Plains home for Decade. Another satisfied customer.. Professional and Courteous, direct from Dominick.