Metal Roofing Disadvantages | Fact or Fiction?

Jan 15, 2020

With so much misinformation on the disadvantages of metal roofs found across the internet, it’s difficult to make an informed decision. Information that prevents people from getting the best possible protection for their homes, businesses and more importantly, families. We already touched on a few of these topics in our metal roofing basics guide, but we wanted to dive further. So, please allow us, at Roof Repair Guys, to shed light on the top 9 most common myths surrounding metal roofing. In addition, we explore any real disadvantages that you consider when purchasing your new roof.

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9 most common myths about metal roofs



It is the common belief that metal roofing is more expensive than the average shingle roof. This falsehood developed because the initial installation of a metal roof is typically more expensive. This mistaken belief thought process is inherently shortsighted. However, metal roofing can be as little as 2 dollars more per square foot. Remember, you are installing your metal roof for a lifetime, not just for today. It’s the longevity and quality behind metal roofing that ultimately saves you money. In fact, 10,000 dollars or more in savings, over the lifespan of your metal roof is very common. You may be curious as to how this is possible, well read on!

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The initial cost is not just for the premium product, but for the quality installation that goes with it. For a few dollars more, you get a stronger material, with the most modern weather treatments. In addition, installing with highly certified contractors, assures proper quality control. This leads to far fewer maintenance needs. You also have a final product lifetime that can be, on average, double or even triple that of a common shingle roof. So, very quickly, the supposed disadvantage of metal roofs cost, is actually a strength.

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Many fear the added costs of custom metal work for more complicated roofing, is far higher. However, we factor this into all cost estimates, up front. In fact, shingle vs. metal custom work is nearly equal. With the advantage leaning towards metal, for cheaper custom work. In reality, metal roofing is at home in custom work. The Roof Repair Guys is customization crew, for example, handles any complicated installations or obstacles with experience.

Interested in the money saving longevity and increased value in warranties for metal roofing?


Lightning Strikes:

Many believe a disadvantage to metal roofs is the increased likelihood of lightning striking your metal roof. It makes sense, since metal is a far better conductor of electricity then stone or asphalt shingle. However, it is entirely false. Lightning, after being studied for hundreds of years, has been shown to strike locations based on geography and topography. It is not based on whatever materials/structures are in those locations. If lightning hits your house, it does so, no matter what material it is made of.

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However, a metal roof makes the lightning strike far less dangerous than a standard roof. The actual charge of the lightning is disbursed over a wider area. Therefor, any concentrated heat is far less likely to build up to dangerous levels. On top of that, the energy is far more likely to find a safe route to the ground. It can travel across the entire metal roof, as opposed to a single portion of a shingled roof.


In short, taking into account a metal roof’s added qualities, metal roofs are more able to handle lightning than other types of roofs. With the proper installation, your metal roof is miles ahead of any traditional shingle roof. So it turns out that metal roofs are not more susceptible to lightning, the lightning myth is debunked.


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Loud Rainfall Sounds:

Much like lightning, there is an air of confusion around the effects of rain on a metal roof, especially when it comes to noise. This is often inspired by the memories of spending time on old farms or properties with decades old metal roofing. However, these memories are not an accurate reflection of our modern metal roofing systems.



In the past, metal roofing was more reserved for agricultural buildings. It could be installed and then relied upon for years with minimal maintenance. However, because it is for housing farm animals or equipment, there is less treatment performed. No need to add underlayment, additional insulation, and added support that contributes to sound proofing. This left most structures with a hollow, loud response to rainfall (although still barely louder than a normal conversation according to a study at the University of Lulea in Sweden.). This fact about older metal farm roofs perpetuates the myths of metal roofs, regarding sound.

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However, all residential and commercial metal roofing from Roof Repair Guys includes every one of those added elements standard in our packages. So the disadvantage of metal roofs noise, is in fact due to poor installation.

The reasons you need top quality contractors for your metal installation.

And as you can see from the graph below, rain on a metal roof, is less than the sound of a normal conversation. This answers the myth of metal roofs being loud. You can see that the rain sounds are not loud enough to disturb any normal happy household sounds.


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A weakness to hail, is a completely false disadvantage to metal roofs. We believe that this stems from the fact that you can see a dent on a metal roof far easier then on a shingle roof. This is purely due to design, and not quality. In fact, almost all metal roofing systems earn the highest level protection possible (for class IV) through UL2218 impact resistance testing.

Dented by hail:


Hail Proof!

Many home owner insurance companies will give you a discount on your premiums if you have a perfectly installed metal roof; at Roof Repair Guys Roofing, we pride ourselves on quality and client satisfaction.

The truth that metal roofing is far more resilient even translates to insurance discounts for metal roofing in areas with high hail occurrence. And if the insurance company will give you money to get a metal roof, you know it’s a better protector. On top of that, a huge bonus is the longevity of this protection. A shingle roof will degrade in protection power the longer it is in use. However, a metal roof never loses its rating and will hold strong for its entire life. So the disadvantage of metal roofs when it comes to their weakness to hail, is a misconception.


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Unable to Walk On Metal Roofs:

Walking on both, shingle and metal roofing, must be taken with the utmost care and consideration, regardless of the material. However, walking with support is possible on both types of roofing systems, without worry. There are some minor differences in how you should walk on your roof. Metal can be more slippery, as an example of a minor disadvantage of metal roofs. But, metal or shingle, learning to walk on your roof is as easy as asking Roof Repair Guys, your metal manufacturer, or taking a few minutes to research online. So there is no need to fear clearing out your gutters or climbing up on your roof to take down that stray branch. You metal roof can handle you any day of the week.


It Rusts Easily:

As with many of these misconceptions, the idea of rusting metal roofing is left over from the past. As we discussed in our intro to metal roofing article, almost all new metal systems contain a level of protection that will protect your roof for decades without worry. And that is with a simple base level protection, straight from the factory. If you then add on even standard paint systems, as well as under protection and proper ventilation, you will probably start rusting before your metal roof does. Metal roofing takes pride on it’s longevity and the last thing any contractor wants to see is that longevity fail due to normal weather behavior.

Get the right Paint and Treatment for your Business.

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But just to put your mind at ease, even more, Roof Repair Guys has contracts with several manufacturers and upgraded its lowest level paint system to be the best in the industry. So no matter what metal roof you purchase with Roof Repair Guys, you will be getting the best protection available in the world. Roof Repair Guys, keeps up to date with all new developments to make sure that every disadvantage of metal roofs is nonexistent by the time it gets on your home or business.


It’s Too Heavy:

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More durability and strength does not equal weight in this case. In fact, metal roofing systems are, on average, 50% lighter than traditional shingle. However, the interlocking nature and lifelong durability of metal roofing systems make it all the more reliable, even at the lighter weight. So wind will not catch and blow off your metal roof, in comparison to a shingle roof. In reality wind has a far better chance of catching a shingle roof and blowing a few off, hence the need for more maintenance on shingle roofing systems. Not to mention the lighter metal roof will cause less stress on the structural integrity of your home.


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Temperature is too hot or too cold:

This one always makes us laugh because we hear the myth go both ways. Some say metal roofing stays too hot, others say it stays too cold. The truth is, that metal roofing is a better reflector of UV rays, so heat does not build up as quickly. In addition, metal roofing is a far better disbursement system for temperature changes, keeping your home at a more even temp, causing less heat stress. What about cold? Pennsylvania is infamous for its extreme temperatures however,the temperature moves through the metal easier, it is far less work to keep it regulated. Metal simply gets you where you want to be, faster. This also means that you, as the consumer, could potentially save up to 40% on energy costs year round. Metal roofing simply works better no matter your weather conditions.

The myth that metal roofs are at a disadvantage when it comes to temperature is entirely false. In fact, metal handles a range of temperatures better than traditional shingle.


Style | Color Limited

The idea that metal roofing is only be applied to certain types of roofs is false. So is the idea that you are stuck with whatever color/style is available at that time. First, every metal roofing crew should have the skill and ability to custom fabricate metal to fit any job. If they do not, it’s a red flag.

Learn more about how metal and shingle industries develop and product color options.

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Metal roofers are, at the heart, problem solvers and need to come up with creative solutions to the infinite amount of options they may run into on a job. Even the most basic roof can have a difficult vent, or odd gutter that only a skilled and creative craftsman can build into. Because of this, they are often more familiar with what features you may have on your roof than you are. In addition, they have also completed almost every type of fabrication you can throw at them. So if you worry about getting proper coverage for your metal roof, place those fears aside. A skilled crew can handle any roof.


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But what about color? It is true that metal roofs have standard colors that every manufacturer picks for their line. However, even with these standard colors, you have, at least, double or triple the options over shingle. Then if you consider a company with a wider range of connections, like Roof Repair Guys, you can choose from multiple metal manufacturers for your preferred color. But that is not all! Here at Roof Repair Guys, we can custom make you any color you want with the highest tier paint available on the market. With modern manufacturing and paint system development, getting you the right look and style for your home has never been easier.

While there may be a longer wait for your custom color, another the minor disadvantage to metal roofs. Then end product will be more of what you want, and less compromise to materials.

This Article has sought to disprove some of the myths that are often mentioned when you are considering a metal roof. As with any type of construction and installation, there are disadvantages as well as advantages. Roof Repair Guys roofing will now give and unbiased review of the negative aspects of a metal roof so you can make a fully informed choice.


Disadvantages of a Metal Roof:


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Initial Cost:

As we stated earlier, the initial cost is usually higher for metal roofing. This can put a lot of people off, especially those who don?t know the increased value in the metals longevity. This cost, also, comes from the higher caliber of materials (from the metal itself, to underlayments, screws, vent system, trim and so on), as well as the increased rates for the higher quality craftsman. So of course if you are getting a better product and a better team to install it, prices will be more. But, a few years down the road, that initial investment pays for with all the maintenance and upkeep necessary for shingle roofing. So, add as one of the disadvantages to metal roofs, or advantages?


Harder to install:

A lot of people fear that because metal roofing is harder to install, that there are far more instances if it being done improperly. Well this, unfortunately, is true for most companies out there. And this is one of the biggest disadvantages to metal roofs.

We have seen a lot of new companies pop up and try to undercut prices by sacrificing quality and longevity. Which, to Roof Repair Guys, is simply wrong. The entire point of a metal roof is to have increased protection and quality for your home and business, not less. And it breaks our heart when we replace a metal roof only a few years old because the original installation crew cut corners. Or worse, they are inexperienced with no proper supervision. But, if you choose the right company, like Roof Repair Guys, the quality laborers actually improve the life of your roof.

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Always utilize top level contractors for your metal installation, and avoid these mistakes!


That’s right, a master Roof Repair Guys roofer has the ability to perform his skills on the job each and every time. Every panel, every screw, every line, cut and clip perfectly laid out, so your roof lasts longer. Metal roofs throughout history show endurance over 100 years. And when you combine the fact that we are using even better materials and protection then they had centuries ago, you roof could last lifetimes. So, with master craftsman, the disadvantages of metal roofs are minimal across the board. All the more reason to get the best metal roof contractor for your residential and commercial roofing.


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Moisture control:

Then there is another disadvantage that can come about due to poor crew quality. And that is poor moisture control due to improper installation of ventilation. Again, if the team you hire to attach your roof does not do the job properly, moisture can become trapped under your metal roof. This can lead to organic growths, wood rot and a plethora of other issues.

In the end, a metal roof has some major advantages over traditional shingles, if the job is done right. That is why Roof Repair Guys has set out to educate the world on metal roofing in this modern era. Sure, a metal roof makes your home look better, but it is actually performing better that matters most to your home and your family.

Don’t let the disadvantages spread around the internet dissuade you from your new quality metal roof. Get educated and get the best for your money with The Roof Repair Guys.