Metal Roofing Materials: Paint

Jan 15, 2020

Choosing the right paint or finish for your metal roof.

So you have decided to get a beautiful new, robust metal roof. You read up on your foundational metal roofing information. Then you studied all the different metals that can be installed and will choose the best roof for your project. Before jumping right into installation you decide to take a look at the extensive paints and finishes to compliment your roof?s beauty and add to its durability and value.

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Roof paints and finishes have come a long way from your traditional bucket and brush. Modern metal paint applications have many technological advances that will compliment your roofs aesthetics, value and durability. There are several avenues for you to explore in regards to choosing the type of paint best suited for you.

Benefits of Specially Formulated Products

  • Durability – Many paints and finishes come with a warranty that guarantees the color and protection of the roof.
  • Beauty – Obviously a roof painted to your color specifications is going to add to the aesthetic value of your roof.
  • Resistance – To Physical Damage, Mold, Mildew and Algae. Metal roofing with paints or finishers stops the black streaks seen with mildew or algae.
  • Energy Efficiency – Many metal roof paints have special chemical properties which have a high level of heat reflection thus, helping you to save money on cooling bills.


The first metal treatment, and our favorite, is polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF. This finish is sold as Kynar? and Hylar?, more commonly. It is the market leader for durability and resistance to fading and chalking.

metal roof layers and treatment

Choosing this finish will ensure that you will have many trouble free years of quality roofing. This finish is also suggested for areas with high UV light indexes. The coatings Teflon like behaviors make it resistant to dirt and excessive moisture. Due to the high resistance levels and long life span PVDF coatings are generally more expensive than the alternative roof coatings.

long term metal paint panels pic valspar

kynar colorchart 2016
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Polyester coatings and paint are the second and more affordable choice. While not as durable and resistant to the elements as PVDF, polyester coatings will last for decades or longer. Super, siliconized and modified polyester will provide an affordable choice, commonly with above average performance.

Image: Valspar depicting the fade of different colors over time. Black, green, brown, and blue shown.

The range of polyester coated paints can be vast as we transition from basic polyester to the more heavily modified silicone alternative. And each of the variations can have its own ratings and availability in your area. Not to mention, each manufacturer may only offer certain options for specific styles. However, one great point of metal roofing is the ability to customize metal to fit your needs. Some metals even utilize their reflective nature, to reduce your energy costs. Or maybe, you want additional granular coatings to get and even stronger protective layer. With so many choices, it simply makes sense, to contact a local master roofer today. Get started on selecting the options that are right for your needs. Residential or commercial, metal roofing paint can save you thousands.

metal paint fade patterns

Sure, coatings add very nice technological attributes to your roof, but, what colors can you choose from? Roof Repair Guys roofing has long had a wide variety of colors to choose from, based on the many partnerships we have earned. Many of the paint manufacturers such as Sherwood Williams and Behr have a huge palette of colors to find the perfect choice for you. Custom metal roof paints are also crafted for you from whatever inspiration strikes. Whether you choose an existing color or a custom color created from a picture of your favorite flower or a sunset seen on your honeymoon, we can create it!

When choosing a color it might be beneficial to take into account how reflective your color is and how that will affect Energy Star attributes for light reflectivity.

Lighter colors tend to be more reflective than darker colors. But, with the advent of reflective pigments there are more reflective darker colors coming into play as time goes on.

A highly reflective paint can decrease your electricity bill by 20% or more!

metal paint panels vibrant and faded min

No matter what situation, metal roofing piles on the savings the further it gets ingrained into the world. Every advancements opens another window into the vast savings of metal roofing. But, the more you become educated on metal roofing, the more you can customize it to work for you. With this knowledge of finishes and colors you are now one step closer to having a well informed discussion with your roofing contractor.

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