Metal Roofing: The Real Value

Roof Repair Guys feels any new roof buyer needs to know the real value and money saving incentives that come with metal roofing. Many potential buyers will begin to investigate new roof systems. Then they become immediately put off by the higher cost of metal roofing. But they’re not looking at all the individual factors that may play into what the real cost of your roof is, over its lifetime.

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In reality, when you include the look, resale, durability/longevity, maintenance needs, energy efficiency, warranty, insurance incentives, metal roofing can be almost half the cost of standard shingle, over its lifetime. So, let?s dive into how you save with metal roofing.

The Look

The first incentive for metal roofing is based entirely on look. A metal roof looks cleaner, sharper, and draws the right kind of attention to your home or business. Now you may not be the kind of person who values looking the best, or showing off. But, with a Roof Repair Guys roof system installed, it’s hard not to feel proud of your new home aesthetics. There’s value in simply feeling more protected and looking good.

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Resale Value

The look somewhat ties into the resale value because people think metal roofing simply looks better. And because the you might be selling to people in the future, you can demand a higher price for your home. But, assumptions aside, a new quality metal roof will instantly add up to 70% of its value to your home. That’s right, instantly 70% of the costs are recouped into your home price. The truth is that most people know metal roofing lasts longer, needs less maintenance and has a more appeal, warranting a higher costs for your sale. Even before stepping into more discrete metal savings. Keep reading to discover how these elements run even deeper in value.

Durability | Logevity

We have talked many times about the longevity and durability of a metal roof. We also discussed how that increases value to your home. But, what exactly does that mean? Metal roofing is stronger than most shingle roofing systems. Therefore, metal offers higher resistance ratings to weathering, both normal and extreme. First, for those of you dealing with hail and wind damage, metal roofing has some of the highest ratings available. This means that independent studies have analyzed metal and determined it to be a better protector than alternative solutions. On top of that, metal is miles ahead of shingle in terms of fire prevention.

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With metal, there is a higher value in resistance to Wind, Hail and Fire Damage. These higher ratings also lead to your roof simply lasting longer. In fact, a single metal roof, on average, last 2-3 times as long as a shingle roof. But if you go with top tier metals, they have been known to last over 100 years. That is like comparing 7 shingle roofs to 1 metal. The value in that is almost impossible to ignore. But if you take more realistic numbers, over 60 years, your money savings of a shingle roof over a metal roof, will be almost 10,000$. A single metal roof may cost you 17k to install, but in the same amount of time you will need to install 39k shingle roofs. That doesn’t even include maintenance and repair costs that can be far greater on shingle.

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Maintenance | Repair

Don’t let the initial cost of metal roofing scare you into thinking maintenance is a higher cost as well. The truth is, that the maintenance needs on metal roofing are far less frequent. First of all, because the metal itself is stronger than shingle, there is far less damage that needs repair. Secondly, Shingle roofing is far more likely to have mold, mildew and algae growing within its system, and requiring costly repairs. Metal however, only needs clearing a couple times a year. And that greatly reduces the chance of those failures. On top of that, pieces of a shingle roof often fall off and get stuck in other parts of your home.

We also would like to mention that a shingle roof is very intrusive to your home. You must drill, nail and puncture your roof in countless places, creating potential leak points. However, metal is installed with methods to cause the least amount of damage to your home, if any.

Although, even though shingle roofing repairs are far more common, it is often simple and easier to perform those repairs. Meaning you get your roof fixed faster, in many instances. But wouldn’t you rather just not need it fixed, like with metal?

Energy Ratings

Next we having money saving with your energy ratings. Better ratings mean reduced heating and cooling bills. Something we want to experience all too often, especially living in Pennsylvania forests. Both Shingle and metal have upgraded their potential energy ratings over the last few years, but metal is just better across the entire spectrum.

Explore other Metal Roofing Myths and Discern Fact from Fiction.

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Because metal has its own inherent resistance, it starts off on a better foot compared to the oil based alternative. Then you add on the most recent metal coatings and energy saving increase even more. But that’s not all. You then add on the paint treatment system, adding even more potential for protection against nature. All these element combine to give metal roofing the best energy ratings in the roofing industry.


Next we see that metal manufacturers and installation crews offer far better warranties compared to shingle roofing. That is because they all know it simply performs better and lasts longer. That gives extra incentives to assure the home owner that their roof will be cared for. In fact, it is fairly common to get a 50+ standard year metal warranty, compared to the 10 year shingle alternatives. If the metal itself was not worth the added costs and did not hold up as promised, no business could withstand these half century long warranties. But they do, all the time. And those savings get passed on to you.


Need even more reason to believe that metal is a better roofing system? Well, the insurance companies back it. And why do they back it? Far fewer claims, mean more cash for them, and they pass those savings onto you. First they know you have a better warranty, and need less maintenance that your metal roof will wear on your home less. They also know that there’s far less chance for catastrophic failure. So while you remain better protected, they remain less likely to have to pay out a claim. Everyone’s saving money, and everyone happy.

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But some of the more detailed discounts you may be able to get, depending on your state/county, are hail, fire and wind. These can add up to almost a 35% discount in some instances, and that adds up savings fast. It’s actually pretty funny that a lot of the false facts about metal roofing have to do with weather, when it’s their resistance to weather that gives them such a value over standard shingle.

Metal Roofing Value Summary

The value of metal roofing is not found in comparing initial costs vs shingle, but in long term savings. Whether you are planning to sell immediately or keep your home for generations, a metal roof is a better value immediately. Even if you initially worry about the setup cost, it will only take 5-10 years to come back to you in save maintenance. And considering you get another 45+ on that, with metal, is amazing.

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So next time you consider metal roofing for your home, remember it is not all about initial setup costs, but, in fact, it’s about real value for your home or business.