NEPA Common Metal Roof Repairs

When it comes to NEPA, and all of Pennsylvania for that matter, we have a wide range of weather patterns to deal with.  One day we are in the middle of a blizzard, but two weeks later it’s 90 degrees out. One winter your roof deals with 1000 pounds of snow weight, then next, it must endure 90 MPH winds. So, needless to say, your metal roof needs to stand up to the test of time and nature. In this article we cover a few metal roofing details that will result in more damage and wear on your roof, if not handled properly. This way you can tell if your roofer is doing the right kind of job for an NEPA home or business. 


Poor Use of Fasteners

Fastener choice and application is essential to keeping your metal roof running strong for decades. A cheap selection leaves you with rusting nails that easily back out of the structure. This leaves your home extremely vulnerable to moisture. 

But, even with premium screws, and overzealous NEPA contractor has the potential to screw them to loose or too tight. In the visual example, accompanying this paragraph, you can see this over tightening in play. 

The screws have since buckled the metal where they were over tightened. This buckling affects the metals treatment and paint, allowing moisture to begin working it’s way into the metal roof. On top of that, it creates a new leak point for moisture to work its way into the wood structure of your home. A new leak point, at every screw!

So next time your NEPA metal roofer is up there torquing their whole body to install a screw, stop them! Then go find a quality contractor to finish the job right.

But, if your roof already has the damage, do not hesitate to call a capable repair team. The faster you can get those leak points sealed up, the cheaper the repairs will be. The Roof Repair Guys can come out and replace all those screws and damaged panels within a couple days and have your roof looking brand new in no time.


Bend, Cut or Overlay?


Look at that beautiful NEPA metal roof, I bet it will last for decades! You might think that when you look at the example above. No exposed screws, no broken up chimney flashing, clean lines, it looks good right? Wrong! You see that bend in the metal where the roof transitions to a different angle? That should never, never, never be bent like that.


Here you can see the proper way to transition different planes of a metal roof. Why do you want these transition sections, when it looks so much easier to simply bend the metal?

Because, the entire integrity of your NEPA metal roof is based on the strength of those interlocking panels. And if you voluntarily create a weak point in your metal, what do you think will happen when 200 pounds of wet leaves cling to that area? That’s right, you end up needing huge repairs to the under carriage of your roofing system, in addition to needing all new panels, this time with proper transition panels. Wouldn’t it be better to just do it right the first time?

Flashing, Get it Right!

If NEPA residents have experience with anything, it’s old chimneys on old homes. And more often then not, they are not even in use. Yet, it is one of the most common NEPA repair requests, for The Roof Repair Guys. Either we need to go out to repair a chimney flashing or we are going out to totally remove the chimney. But we are here to show you what cut corners look like around your roof penetrations, so you can make sure you getting quality work on your roof. Or you can get a leak fixed early by recognizing the weakness, costing you tons less.


As you can see from the adjacent image, their is much more to properly attaching a chimney than you might think. One does not simply glue/screw or place a flashing around the chimney and call it a day. That is exactly how you get a chimney that looks great, but leaks 1 year later. Who want to repair the same thing over and over?

That is why The Roof Repair guys know that a protective flashing is not just that. On top of the actual layer that people see, you have to properly build the underlying structure. In addition, you must then use protective underlayments for added protection against moisture. This are has the highest potential for leaks, and therefor needs the most protection to keep it running strong.

I would also like to mention that the added layers of protection that the “other guys” missed… Costed a total of 20 dollars and 30 minutes to add. Tell me again how much they care about your home?

But that’s not all The Roof Repair Guys do. In addition to the hidden underside work, we also install the best flashing available, custom cut to fit your NEPA roof perfectly. Then we go the extra mile to add even more sealant, filling every gap that could lead to a leak in the next 50 years. 


Craftsmanship & Quality


Here we listed a few examples of ways your metal roof can be installed incorrectly. We also explored a few ways to tell if your own roof is beginning to fail. But we also show you how it is supposed to be done, so that you can make your repair or installation crew accountable for the best service possible. If you notice any of these trouble areas flaring up, do not hesitate to give us a call. The Roof Repair Guys offer the highest quality metal roofing repairs, across all of PA, with 24/7 emergency availability. Better to solve the problem while it is still small and easily manageable. So you can simply enjoy your protection for decades without worry.

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