Noxen Roof Repair

Noxen Roof Repair

Increased Storm Occurance in Wyoming County

Recently Pennsylvania has been hit by storms with high winds. In fact, Noxen in Wyoming county has seen an increase in severe weather.

 High winds can be devastating to your property, if your roof was installed several years ago, these storms can damage and destroy your roof, making your home uninhabitable.The path of destruction that the storms cause can occur in any season. 


One of the most damaging aspects to these storms are high winds. These forces of nature will get under your shingle or metal roof, pulling the fasteners away from your home. If the fasteners are old or weak, you will lose that part of the roof as it’s ripped from your home.

You will literally lose the roof over your head.

Brad and Lisa from Noxen, PA had high winds damage part of their roof. Their asphalt shingle roof had been installed some time ago and when the storm came, the winds pulled a majority of their shingles off. The couple didn’t notice the shingles were gone until the roof started to leak in several places. The Roof Repair Guys took the job immediately and were at the couples home the next day. 


Please read the couples review of The Roof Repair Guys below:

“The Roof Repair Guys were awesome! Part of our roof was damaged during a big storm, however we didn’t even notice it until water started dripping inside!


We called a few roofing companies, but all of them said they would not come and help repair our roof for a few days. Most of them quoted 2-3 days, one company said they wouldnt come at all! We were ready to wait a couple of days and  just bring out the pots and pans to catch the water leaks. However, The Roof Repair Guys answered us immediately and promised a fast repair.


They came over the next day! We walked around the house with them and they showed us where the problem areas were. They gave us options to repair or replace our roof. We decided to get the roof repaired as this was in our budget and they started the same day! They worked super fast all day, came out again the next morning finished their work and cleaned up their workspace. 


Our roof now feels brand new! We are so happy we found you guys, thanks again!”

Brad and Lisa