Should You Replace or Repair Your Roof?

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A question we often hear is whether you should replace or repair your roof. Often times clients will contact us after they notice damage to their roof. This damage could have happened suddenly due to a destructive storm with high winds. Or perhaps a bitterly cold winter froze water under your shingles and when they defrost your roof begins to leak. Sometimes an aging roof will lose its water tight seals slowly and spread hidden moisture to the roof deck which you only discover after it begins to rot.

As you can imagine there are countless unforeseen situations which may cause you to have concern for your homes integrity. The first step when you notice damage to your roof is to call a trusted professional, such as The Roof Repair Guys. Roof Repair Guys will examine all of the damage and help you decide whether you want to repair or replace your roof.

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5 Reasons to Repair & 4 Reasons to Replace

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Is your roof a candidate for an easy roof repair?

Roof age plays a major role in deciding whether to repair or replace your roof. If you have a relatively new roof or a roof that is about halfway through its warranty coverage you would be better off with a roof repair. However, if your roof is 18 years old and has a 20 year warranty it’s probably a better idea to replace the roof.

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Replacing roof shingles is a cheap and easy repair option. For example, some of your shingles are damaged by wind or a fallen tree branch. Typically if the damage to your roof is less than 30%, a roof repair is recommended. It is even less expensive to just install shingles over the damaged part of your roof. However building codes prohibit multiple layers of shingles, something to watch for.

Have you noticed moisture on your interior walls? Did strange brown marks appear suddenly? Has your wallpaper or interior paint started to peel? These are the hallmarks of a leaky roof. If the leak is small you may be able to ?put a bandaid on it?. This industry jargon simply means a short term cure, without addressing the bigger problems. This is a quick fix.

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Early Diagnosis is key to a fast and enduring repair!

If the damage to your roof is confined to one side of your home, a partial roof replacement is an option. Choosing a partial replacement over a complete replacement will save you thousands of dollars. Caution must be advised when considering a partial replacement as the characteristics of the original roof will have to be incorporated into the new roof. An experienced roofing team, such as Roof Repair Guys, should be consulted in order to install your roof perfectly.

Finally, the one factor that comes into play with ANY roofing jobs is budget. If the available budget does not meet the cost of a full roof replacement then the next best thing, roof repair, is chosen. It may not be the perfect choice for your roof however, it?s much more beneficial than doing nothing. If you have a small budget but want a brand new roof, it is very common to seek financing loans from your bank or chosen roofing company.

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Main factors that lead to a roof replacement.

Now you see the most common reasoning for roof repairs, and why early detection is the best option. But, We also saw that the long term costs of a brand new roof may be better than the inexpensive initial roof repair costs. However, every roof is different. Let?s look at some of the serious situations where a full roof replacement is warranted.

The age of your roof is extremely important when deciding whether to repair or replace. Several items must be examined to determine your roofs lifespan. Asphalt shingles, for example, will only last about 15 years. Whereas shingles made from heartier materials such as concrete or clay will last about 30 years. If you are unsure of your roof?s age feel free to call Roof Repair Guys for a free evaluation and diagnostic quote.

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An obvious consideration is dependent on the amount of damage. If the damage is excessive or pervasive, it will be cheaper to get a new roof instead of trying to repair the old roof?s leaks and physical damage.

Familiarize yourself with different metal types and learn how each could effect repair cost.

Do you have more than two layers of shingles? Building code will not allow any contractors to add a third layer. In this case the decision is made for you. A new roof will be an asset in the future against extreme weather and damage. It is also much safer to rip out the 2 layers of old shingles and start anew with a brand new lighter roof.

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A final question to that is paramount to examine is ?what are the plans for your home?. If you are planning on selling your home or business in the near future, an old patched up roof will deter potential buyers away from your property. Creating an ?allowance? on your home sale for the potential buyers does not draw many people to your property, the future property owners will still shy away from installing a new roof, even if you set aside money for them to use for the replacement.

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As you can see, there are many points to consider when deciding to repair or replace your roof. Roof Repair Guys Roofing opens the door to help you decide what to do, at no cost. Simply contact us for a Free Quote today!