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Roof Components

No matter what roof type, there are certain components that are found on all homes or businesses. And with repairs, you really need to know how to diagnose and fix all elements of your roof. So, without further ado, lets dive into some elements of your roof. With this little breakdown you can rest assured that The Roof Repair Guys have you covered no matter what is failing on your roof and causing leaks or other damage.

First is your?decking or sheathing. This is a reinforcing component for the structure of your home that acts as the base for your roof installation. All types of roofing, metal, rubber and shingle can be build on top of a solid decking system. This component utilizes 1/2 inch plywood, attached on top of your roof frame.

Then you have the?eave. This is simply the portion of your roof that extends over the supporting wall.?

You have the?roof edge, eaves edge, or Fascia. This is all the boards running along the edge of the roof. The fascia runs the perimeter of your home or business preventing water and leaks from forming on the edges.

In roofing, any component that pushes through your roof is a?penetrator. Penetrators are one of the most common areas for leaks, usually around skylights, chimneys and exhaust vents.

For shingle roofing, you may use?saddles?around chimneys or other penetrators to prevent water build up. For other materials this added water diversion system is commonly known as?Flashing.

Then you have the?valley and ridge. The valley is the portions of your roof where two sloping roof planes meet at an internal angle. The ridge, on the other hand, is the highest portion of your roof where to parts of your roof come to a point. These seems take extra precaution to weatherproof and are one of the many places leaks form if you do not properly maintain your roof.

Then you have, what is known as, the?hip. This is much like the ridge, except that it is on the intersections of two sloping roof panels.

Many roofs also have?Gables, which is the flat piece of wall between the edges of a sloping roof. This is most commonly found on the face of dormers.

Their is also a?drip edge. Which is a molding designed to further prevent roof infiltration on the edges of your home or business.

With The Roof Repair Guys specialty roof diagnostics and services, you know you will get the protection you need, no matter what area of your roof is failing.

In addition to the main components of a roof, you have several enhancing elements that not all roofing has installed. Their are special?weatherproof membranes?as well as?underlayments?and?ice shields?used to better handle weather conditions. Then of course their are special features like?ice dams prevention systems, maximum?ventialltion upgrades?and much more to make every home unique.