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Roof Diagnostics and Services

The Roof Repair Guys have a tried and tested system for roof diagnostics and services, developed over 40 years. Which was then put through the gauntlet for 15 years, building and running our own company.  Throughout our ongoing development, we see the full gamut of complexities, budgets and time frames. The Roof Repair Guys experienced team of contractors has worked on it all. From simple shingle repairs, which have taken less than three hours to complete, to successfully completing  multi-million dollar commercial jobs which have taken weeks. Our teams of local Northeast Pennsylvania professionals have the craftsmanship and expertise to repair any job with the highest of standards.

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Clients We Service

Residential Roof Repairs:

It is surprisingly common for the Roof Repair Guys to fix a roof immediately after some damage has occurred. Maybe a storm with high winds damaged the roof. Maybe a tree fell on the roof undermining its strength. Perhaps a hail storm dented the roof and weakened its integrity. Whatever the cause, The Roof Repair Guys are here to help, with our specialized roof diagnostics and services. We understand the stress and worry experienced from a leaky, damaged roof. After The Roof Repair Guys receive your email or telephone call we follow a customer forward approach where the needs of the customer are held to the highest of standards. We handle every type of residential roofing imaginable. With 40 years of experience, we have seen it all.

Explore a happy slate roof repair customer experience from Nuremberg, PA.


Commercial Roof Repairs:

The Roof Repair Guys also specialize in commercial roof repair. With expertise in all types of commercial repair, we have loyal customers found across all of PA. We’ve repaired all types of commercial roofing, from rubber roofs to  industrial metal roofs of massive proportions. We understand the crisis a leaky roof causes. Will the leak ruin high priced inventory? Does an ugly leak cause your business to lose customers? Will the leak cause a slippery floor, acting as a possible source for a lawsuit? Or will your damaged roof leak onto electronic equipment, causing a shortage and possibly a fire? All of these issues and more are an excellent reason for commercial roof repair.

If you maintain your roof regularly, not only will it last longer, it will look better. Save money in the future by using one of our low cost preventative measures. Please take a look at a few of our happy commercial customers.

Mobile Home Repairs:

A commonly overlooked area is the roof on your mobile home. These repairs are doubly urgent when you realize that not only is the roof of your home leaking, the leak can easily spread to your electronics and motor. Here at The Roof Repair Guys we completely understand your concern and make it a priority repair. We exercise A sense of urgency in order to protect the customers home and all their belongings. Many repair companies will not take a mobile home repair however, “No Job is Too Big, No Job is Too Small” for our repair teams. Our teams are knowledgeable in all types of mobile home repairs and we look forward to helping protect your home.  

If you maintain your roof regularly, not only will it last longer, it will look better. Save money in the future by using one of our low cost preventative measures

Mobile home roof repair

Leak Diagnostic Process

As with any commercial or residential roof diagnostics and service repair, the details matter. We realize that there may be financial or insurance constraints with your roof. In order to get the home or business owner the best possible repair and price, we strategize with the business owner and formulate a budget and timeline. We can provide several solutions for repairs at varying prices.

1. Initial Contact

We promptly answer your telephone call or email. Many contactors will take a few days to respond to your inquiry, all while you worry about the roof and the damage leaks may cause to your home. The Roof Repair Guys pride ourselves on responding promptly to your call. Needing roof repairs is difficult enough, The Roof Repair Guys understand your emergency and will respond quickly to your repair needs. Once we answer the call we reassure the homeowner about the problem, no problem is too big for The Roof Repair Guys! We then give a description regarding the timeline of repairs. We also schedule a time to come to your location, we are very flexible and will work around your schedule.

Diagnosing a roof leak

2. Diagnosis

Upon arriving at your home, our lead project manager will discuss the problems your roof is experiencing and give an overview of what damage he is looking for. We are locally owned and operated company, so we understand common issues with roofing in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are familiar with the multitude of temperatures and weather patterns experienced in beautiful Pennsylvania. These weather patterns cause so much damage if not accounted for; blizzards, tornadoes, thunder storms and more. The Roof Repair Guys strive to be the best roof repair company around. And our repair processes, focuses on being a prompt and of the highest quality. We not only offer repairs, but peace of mind and the utmost client satisfaction. 

Making a proper diagnosis is the key to fully repairing your roof thus, our diagnosis is free.

The Roof Repair Guys follow a patented diagnosis plan, which usually takes less than an hour to complete. To ensure we provide the best solution, we examine the issue in three steps. 

Inspection Process

1. First we will examine the roof from the inside. We carefully inspect all the relevant components and diligently search for problem areas. There may be leaks\damage that are initially not visible to the homeowner . After identifying any internal issues we then proceeded to the exterior. Our ultimate goal for diagnosis is to identify all the problems with the roof. 

2. We then perform a “walk around” with the homeowner. As a team, The homeowner and The Roof Repair Guys will examine different aspects of the roof together. We search for mechanical integrity, proper drainage and physical damage. In fact, we are commonly contacted by homeowners who had their roof “repaired” by other contractors. The other company did not follow a detailed diagnosis plan and missed other problems that were not repaired. The home owners then call The Roof Repair Guys to perform a thorough job, keeping them safe for years.

3. Finally we confer with the homeowner and discuss the different options available and choose the best one for the homeowner. We reflect costs, budgets, needs and wants for the repair. Then we get you the best possible solution for your home or business needs.


Although we pride ourselves on quickly responding to a claim, sometimes a homeowner needs information urgently. To give the homeowner / commercial building owner  peace of mind immediately, we can use satellite imagery to help identify the repairs needed. Using snapshots of your roof by Google Earth’s satellites we are able to provide a rough estimate of the costs of materials and labor instantaneously.

Using satellite imagery for roof diagnostics and services gives us an edge. We are able to determine the square footage of the roof, noting the slope and any physical damage, as well as get a jump on the urgency of your situation. We can assess the leak/damage is by using an advanced patented computer program. And, through complicated algorithms we are able to pinpoint damage to your roof and provide an estimate. The Roof Repair Guys embrace any new technology in order to get you the best price for your repair!

3. Assemble the Team

Once we decide on a solution, we assign the best professional team for your particular roof. We are very proud to employ amazing people who have defended our country. We have many veterans on our teams and offer veterans a discount as a show of gratitude for our armed forces. Having flexible pool of team members ensures your roof is handled by those with an extensive experience in your particular repair.

roof repair guys on the job

4. Initiate and Execute the Plan

Finally, your roof repair team members schedule to work on your roof and promptly begin repairs. In fact, it is often as quickly as the next day! 

Key Elements of Your Roof: Metal, Shingle, and Rubber Repair

We wouldn’t be the roof repair guys if we did not handle every type of roof repair imaginable. Our roof diagnostics and services are developed to address any problem a home or business has. Obviously, not all repair jobs are the same. Even when fixing similar materials, roofing repair can vary greatly. As we discussed above, we have an extensive diagnostic method to properly diagnose your roofing needs. So fear not, whatever the roof situation, the Roof Repair Guys have you covered.

Roof Components

No matter what roof type, there are certain components that are found on all homes or businesses. And with repairs, you really need to know how to diagnose and fix all elements of your roof. So, without further ado, lets dive into some elements of your roof. With this little breakdown you can rest assured that The Roof Repair Guys have you covered no matter what is failing on your roof and causing leaks or other damage.

First is your decking or sheathing. This is a reinforcing component for the structure of your home that acts as the base for your roof installation. All types of roofing, metal, rubber and shingle can be build on top of a solid decking system. This component utilizes 1/2 inch plywood, attached on top of your roof frame.

Then you have the eave. This is simply the portion of your roof that extends over the supporting wall. 

You have the roof edge, eaves edge, or Fascia. This is all the boards running along the edge of the roof. The fascia runs the perimeter of your home or business preventing water and leaks from forming on the edges.


In roofing, any component that pushes through your roof is a penetrator. Penetrators are one of the most common areas for leaks, usually around skylights, chimneys and exhaust vents.

For shingle roofing, you may use saddles around chimneys or other penetrators to prevent water build up. For other materials this added water diversion system is commonly known as Flashing.

Then you have the valley and ridge. The valley is the portions of your roof where two sloping roof planes meet at an internal angle. The ridge, on the other hand, is the highest portion of your roof where to parts of your roof come to a point. These seems take extra precaution to weatherproof and are one of the many places leaks form if you do not properly maintain your roof.


Then you have, what is known as, the hip. This is much like the ridge, except that it is on the intersections of two sloping roof panels.

Many roofs also have Gables, which is the flat piece of wall between the edges of a sloping roof. This is most commonly found on the face of dormers.

Their is also a drip edge. Which is a molding designed to further prevent roof infiltration on the edges of your home or business.

With The Roof Repair Guys specialty roof diagnostics and services, you know you will get the protection you need, no matter what area of your roof is failing.

In addition to the main components of a roof, you have several enhancing elements that not all roofing has installed. Their are special weatherproof membranes as well as underlayments and ice shields used to better handle weather conditions. Then of course their are special features like ice dams prevention systems, maximum ventialltion upgrades and much more to make every home unique.

Contact the Roof Repair Guys for a Quote and Repair, Done the Same Day!

Now any roof can have an unlimited combination of all these elements. And believe us when we say we have seen some pretty wild combinations. In fact, we didnt even dive into flat roofing, cathedral ceilings, gable roofing, gambrel roofing, or asymmetrical roofing. But the point is, that a roof is not just a couple flat surfaces on your home. In fact, your roof is a complicated intertwining of multiple systems meant to work perfectly in unison.

large roof repair guys logo

So yes you can most likely handle a lot of basic repairs and maintenance yourself, if you don’t mind getting up on your roof for some work. But if you have a complicated leak that just wont go away, maybe it’s time for our roof diagnostics and services to work for you. Perhaps every year a new leak is sprouting, or one corner of your home just has a strange moldy smell, that just wont go away. Then, maybe you want to call the roof repair guys. After all, you want to enjoy the life of your roof, not curse it for all the stress it can cause when not performing optimally. Simply call the roof repair guys and get to feeling safe and secure in your home faster.

Roof Materials We Service

In addition to all the different types of components on your roof, we always consider your roofing materials. The roof repair guys have experience working with everything from huge commercial rubber roofing, to small metal replacements for barns and shed. So lets do a little run down of the different materials and how repair services for these can be different.



First we have the most common type of roof, shingle. At its most basic form, a shingle roof is made up of many overlaying rectangular pieces. Shingles are organized to allow water to flow downward without breaking any seals or allowing moisture into the home. On of the many issues with this type of roof is that each individual shingle has a multitude of points for failure. Then once one sections begins to fail, the entire roof can quickly follow suit. Which is why it is so important to get your roof diagnostics and services performed promptly.

No more waiting days/weeks/months for a contractor to fit you in.

Some of the most common shingle roof repairs are replacing individual shingles due to cracks, curled corners or moisture seals that have broken. The simplest solution is to hop up on your roof and replace the shingle. However, The Roof Repair Guys know how shingles work, inside and out. Therefor, we go the extra mile to examine all aspects of your roof. We not only check the broken shingle, we check all surrounding shingles, we examine your attic or the underside of your roof, and we explore the support structure and added protection layters underneath. After all, all of these things must be performing at their highest level in order for your home to endure the wraith of mother nature.


Next, metal roofing, which is a step up in quality, from shingle, due to longevity and protection levels. However, these beautiful installations take even more care and consideration to repair then the shingle counterpart. Sure, anyone can see if a particular panel is bent or screws are beginning to back out of their support structure. But the means to custom cut, bend and replace the metal roofing is far more difficult then simply attaching a new shingle on top.

With the Roof Repair guys, you are getting a team of highly skilled metal workers. In fact, we have been working with metal for over 40 years. This is why we can honestly tell you that when it comes to metal, preventative measure are work their weight in gold. If you hire the roof repair guys once a year for maintenance, your metal roof can last decades. We clear out the valleys and moisture centers of your roof, and check the screws if you have an exposed fastener system. With these simple preceedures, chances are your roof will last until your kids need it, and then some.

But what if you already have a leak on your metal roof? Not a problem! As we stated earlier, we have over 40 years of experience working with all types of metal roofing. This experience allows us to not only check the visible signs of failure, but also anticipate where the leak may have weakened other components.

On top of that, the high level of craftmanship offered by the roof repair guys, allows us to best maximize our efforts to repair your roof. We pay careful attention to every cut and bend so that everyone’s costs are at a minimum. After all, the roof repair guys want your roof to last as long as possible with the least amount of effort or strain. But, we also care about your well being and will never cut corners. In roof repair, our word is our livelihood. We all want to enjoy our homes, and the Roof Repair guys can help you do just that.



And finally we have rubber roof repairs. These types of roofs are common on flat surfaces in commercial settings. These can be some of the most difficult roof diagnostics and services, because of the detail at which they must be inspected. The strength of rubber roofing comes from its singular membrane. So, any repairs must take extra precautions to mold the repair and the original membrane into one piece. Even for the simplest of rubber repair, The roof repair guys know that preparation is key. We make sure that the failure area is properly cleaned and cleared of carbon and other debris. Then we utilize the right sealant and bonding agents to properly adhere the new roof portion to your existing structure. We then finally treat the final repair with seals to further optimize the work.

That is the standard operating procedure for the simplest of rubber repairs. But, with all the potentials for leaks around air conditioning units, ventilation shafts, piping and more, a rubber roof repair is often extremely complicated. On one job, we quickly repaired the roof over a 1.5 M dollar CT scanner in a radiologists office. And believe us when we say, the Doctors so nervous that their livelihood was on the line. Until the Roof Repair Guys, that is. So if you have rubber roofing that is beginning to break down, call the roof repair guys before the costs rise.  

Not all projects need a repair!

 The Roof Repair Guys also perform a variety of preventative maintenance at competitive prices:


Maintenance and Failure Prevention Services

Now the key to avoiding all of these repairs is to properly maintain your roof. Many of us are quite capable and willing to spend a few hours on our roof every few months, but their are also some who can’t. So we offer a wide range of maintenance and preventative measure to ensure the life of your roof. This is a short list, as their are many material specific maintenance needs, such as screw tightening for exposed fastener, like we mentioned earlier. But, here, we list the most common and successful maintenance and preventative measures.


Gutter Cleaning and Clearing

A common mistake new roof owners make is that the belief that their roof will last for decades without any maintenance. People will have the new roof installed and assume that the roof will last a whole lifetime. Although the structure of the roof will last through the years, it is very common to experience water damage from improperly drained gutters. Clearing gutters can quickly turn from a necessity to a nightmare.

Any home of business in North Eastern Pennsylvania is exposed to extreme climates. During the summer, temperatures can reach over one hundred degrees. Summer storms and massive rainfall may happen in your area. Conversely, during the winter time, the temperature often drops below freezing. During the fall and spring, noreasters may kick up leaves and other detritus. All these weather patterns lead to one result: clogged gutters. Once the gutter drains are clogged, water will backup in your gutters. Similar to a dam, this will leave you with a lot of undrained water with nowhere to go. Gutters act as a flow control for water to exit your roof. Once the flow control is stopped, water starts leaking into the landscape, the basement or even worse, your foundation.  It is inevitable. 

Luckily, The Roof Repair Guys come prepared. We will gladly unclog your gutters with our  specialized tools and patented methodology.  Our Team completely understands how risky it could be for you to climb a step ladder and clear the gutters yourself. We hope you will allow us to take all the risk and stress away from you and your family, and leave you with gutters that look brand new! Ask us about upgrading your gutter system and our yearly maintenance program. 

Pressure Washing

We often hear a common dilemma: “I had a new roof installed three years ago and it doesn’t  look like the same roof we purchased.” This customer had a new roof installed and it is starting to show signs of wear. Of course the customer wants to have a beautiful roof, and they don’t want to spend a lot of resources to revitalize it. Thankfully The Roof Repair Guys have a solution: Professional Power Washing. Our revitalization team is equipped with a professional, state of the art power washer. In a short amount of time we can clean your entire house and leave it looking beautiful again. Our equipment makes the whole process easy and inexpensive!


Pressure Washing Your Siding

A common myth heard about pressure washing your home’s siding actually rings true. If you pressure wash your home yourself, you run the risk of introducing rot and mold into your home. Pressure washing tends to jet water in an upwards fashion, siding has vents that will get clogged with if your use high pressure water jets. The water can get past the vent, clog the drainage and cause rot to both the wall and the siding of your beautiful home. We highly recommend hiring trained professionals to pressure wash your home. Although it may be cheaper to rent a pressure washer and do it yourself, you are also increasing the chance that you may be causing your home thousands of dollars in repairs in the future.

pressure washing home siding

The professionals at The Roof Repair Guys take exquisite care when washing your home. First, a proprietary soap is used that is gentle to your home while also cleaning it and acting as a fungicide and algaecide. We sometimes also use a soft brush designed solely for washing homes. Following the detergent application we use a low-powered pressure wash to remove all dirt, mold, mildew, algae, soot and water streaks from your home. After the pressure wash is finished your home will look like it is brand new! Or specialized detergent ensures that mold and algae will not grow back anytime soon. Our detergents are extremely effective, gentle and environmentally friendly.  

Roof Clearing and Cleaning

Many of our clients own homes in picturesque wooded areas. Our clients enjoy having a beautiful, private and remote location for their home. Pennsylvania is known for vibrant greenery and forests. Their land may be surrounded  by large trees on all sides. While this is a breathtaking view, often times the forest will contribute fallen leaves, pine sap with needles and moss to your roof. While initially it is not a concern, after time the roof may leak and become heavier.


Case Study

  • A customer contacted us for his roof in Bear Creek, PA. He cherished his home as it was the same house he was raised in, and the same house where he raised his children. Being in an area where nature is abundant, the shaded areas of the roof began to grow lichen. 

  •  The roof repair guys diagnosed the problem, presented him with a quote which was very competitive, and finished cleaning the next day! The customer was ecstatic by how fresh his roof became, and he hopes he can one day to show his grandchildren the family house where he grew up.


Our Service Area

Now that you have learned all about the wonderful services and experiences of the roof repair guys, you may be wondering if we can come out to fix your roof today. We do offer 24/7 availability with most jobs being completed within a few days of initial contact. But are we in your local area?

The Roof Repair Guys are located at 59 Gypsy Ln, Dallas, PA 18612. We are currently licensed across all of PA and would be willing to come to you in any part of our fine state. While we are cantrally located in Luzerne county, their are countless reports of our successful jobs in Lackawanna, Wyoming, Sullivan, Columbia, Schuylkill, Carbon, Monroe, Wayne and Pike county. In addition, we have expanded new teams into the Lehigh, Lebanon, Northumberland, Lycoming, Montour, Bradford, counties. And from there we have covered roof repairs across almost all of Pennsylvania.

So no matter where you are in the wonderful forest state of pa, we have got you covered. Contact the roof repair guys today and get your roof lasting longer, for cheaper.

Theirs no job too big or job too small for The Roof Repair Guys.

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