Roof Leak Repair in Scranton, PA

Scranton PA Leak Repair

Roof leaks are always a big concern for any home or business owner located near Scranton, PA. This is an even bigger failure when you take into consideration how many of these leaks are caused by poor workmanship of previous contractors. Whether its improper installation, substandard materials, or just a lack of care and consideration for the property, these errors can cause havoc on your home if not addressed properly. Here we will explore a case where The Roof Repair Guys were needed to fix up a roof that was damaged due to previous contractor error.

When a roof begins to leak, the safety and comfort of your home is diminished, leaving you uncomfortable in your own home. Water can lead to mold, structural damage, as well as further damage to surrounding areas. It is imperative to recognize the leak and have it repaired to minimize cost and damage they can cause. And in Scranton, PA where weather conditions can vary wildly, ensuring your roof is in top condition is particularly important.

The Roof Repair Guys knows both repairs and contractors, to a fault, so there is no one better to survey your roof than us. We approach each repair and customer with a commitment and quality that surpasses the competition in all ways. Today we will be reviewing a previous job where we were called out to perform a repair on a shingle roof in Scranton, PA where the previous contractors failed to do their work properly. Our goal is to get your roof back to optimal condition so that you can feel safe under its umbrella for years to come.

Understanding Contractor Errors

Contractor errors are often the cause of leaks in Scranton. With something as complex and detailed as roofing, its common to find less than qualified builders looking to make a quick buck with minimal effort or warranty. Common contractor mistakes range from improper installation techniques to the use of inferior materials, each of which can compromise the effectiveness of your roofing system.

For this Scranton family home we found several issues with the roof installation that resulted in leaks. One main error was poor shingle alignment. Shingles must be must not only be installed in a precise order and layout, but should also have very careful planning as where to place nails and other features. In this case, a seemingly rushed contractor failed to comply with the best policies, leaving gaps for water to enter the home.

But the shingles are not everything when it comes to roof installation. The sealant and underlying protection must also be in order so that your home has maximum protection against the elements. So a previous contractor may have used poor materials or skimped on the added protection in order to maximize profit , leaving you with a leaking roof. On top of that, you roofer should fully understand roofing ventilation and its installation to be sure all roof elements are in the right place at the time of install.   The shingles, lamination, ventilation, wood and sealants must all be in order for a healthy roof. This is where many contractors fall short. But not The Roof Repair Guys!

Understanding just how these common errors can occur highlights the importance of finding the right roofer for your Scranton repair, not just the cheapest. It is always important to hire on quality and longevity for your home. A few extra dollar today, on a quality roof repair company, can save you thousands down the road.

Initial Assessment and Diagnosis

As always the first step in any Scranton roof repair is to assess and diagnose the issue. We almost always hear about the leak from a customer, giving us clues to the exact location of the leak. Then we start with a detailed visual inspection of the roof as well as interior of the home if needed. We look out for obvious signs of roof failure and potential failure down the road. Loose shingles, visible gaps, deteriorated sealant and many other little details must be accounted for before the work can begin.

On the interior inspection we look for water stains, mold growth, wood rot and any indicators that lead us to a roof leak. These are all signs of prolonged water infiltration to your home. We also mix in the use of advanced diagnostic tools like moisture meters and infrared cameras to find the source of your leak. By getting a complete picture of your home we can fully address the leak from not only its current point of failure, but others that may come about.

All of this information is shared with the homeowner so that they can rest assured that their Scranton PA home will remain in top quality condition for years to come.

Case Study: The Scranton, PA Roof

Let’s dive into a recent roof leak repair that we performed in Scranton PA for a wonderful homeowner just looking to stay dry.

Background: The homeowner noticed a leak in their home after a particularly nasty rain storm. We were called out to inspect the situation when we were told a past contractor had worked on the home.

Initial Inspection: Upon arrival at the home we conducted a visual inspection of the roof as well as the interior of the home. We also took into consideration the age of the home, any previous work, and the type of materials used for roofing, in this case, shingles.

Identifying the Problem: During our inspections, we found several issues in key hot spots that were leading the roof to leak. The moisture penetration was clear and this was a job that needed to be completed quickly as to not cause any future issues.

Proposed Solutions: Based on our investigation we created a detailed plan to share with the homeowner in order to repair their roof. This plan included, replacing wood, reapplying sealant and under-layers, then finally placing the finished new shingle on top. With this multi step plan, we would effectively be able to stop the roof from leaking in any of the conditions Scranton PA might have to dish out.

Step-by-Step Repair Process

Repairing a shingle roof leak requires an approach that is focused and detailed as to ensure the safety of the roof for years to come. Here is a step by step process in which we used to go from leak to no leak in a short amount of time.

  1. Initial Inspection and Assessment: As we discussed previously, we conduct and thorough inspection and assessment of the leak. This included interior and exterior examination and diagnosis.
  2. Surface Preparation: Once we uncover the exact areas that need to be replaced we prepare the surface for the repair. By removing all the dirt, debris and loose shingle granules we can be assured that the new repair will hold fast to the old installation.
  3. Shingle Replacement: In this case, there were many old shingles that needed to be replaced so we prepared those areas and got new shingles for the job. We, at The Roof Repair Guys, pay particular attention to using the best quality materials for longevity.
  1. Flashing Repair and Replacement: We also took note of any flashing that might have needed repairs that related to the area of replacement. These are more complicated areas of a roof that have to be custom done to ensure roof integrity for the future, but never an aspect anyone should avoid.
  2. Sealant Application: Then we take all of our repairs and apply a sealant that adds an extra layer of protection to your home. Making sure we go the extra mile is key to getting a roof repair that lasts.
  3. Quality Assurance Inspection: After we have completed the essential repair and installation we take another quality control pass to be sure every step of the project was done correctly. This step is imperative as many contractors will cut corners at the end of a project just to get the pay check.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Most importantly we communicate with the home owner to let them know every step of the project that we do. The Roof Repair Guys want you to know we value you and your home and take every action possible to give you peace of mind over your troubled roof.


By following this step-by-step repair process with precision and expertise, we were able to successfully resolve the shingle roof leak for our clients in Scranton, PA, restoring the integrity and functionality of their roof for years to come.


In conclusion we find ourselves finished after a journey of leak discovery and solution based action. We pinpointed the area of the leak. We examined all the areas outside of the leak that had potential for failure. We cleaned and dressed the areas appropriately. We applied proper layering and protection, then applied all the surface facing shingles and elements. Finally, we come through and polish the entire area with top quality sealant to stop all leaks. With this systematic approach, we can be sure that the leak will not occur again and the home owner can rest assured that their home is leak free.

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