What are Ice Dams?

Oct 10, 2019 | Whats New

To the Savvy homeowner, the thought of ice dams forming on your roof is a scary thing. An ice dam is a formation of ice on the edge of your roof. This phenomenon occurs when a snowpack is melted and then refreezes in your gutters. This destructive ice is typically seen in heated buildings in areas that have had a recent snowfall. The heat from your building melts the snow from your roof and causes the water to flow downwards towards the overhang of the roof or into your gutters. Once this water reaches the periphery and is no longer in contact with the warm parts of your roof, it refreezes.

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Many people love the beauty of icicles, they paint your home with classic winter beauty. Although they are admired, icicles are a sure sign of an ice dam formation. The icicles are a result of melted water traveling to the roof edge or the gutters and refreezing. When the water freezes on the edge of your roof, it blocks the proper drainage and run off for water. This drainage blockage causes the water to pool around the ice damn. Having no clear path to escape, the water will leak into your roof and home.

Ice Protection Practices

The best way to protect your house from ice dams is to have The Roof Repair Guys strengthen the insulation and increase the ventilation. It is also important to seal any air leaks into the roof as this warm air will cause snow melts that have the potential to form an ice dam.

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We discussed that icicles suggest an ice dam however, they are not the only sign you need to watch out for. The best defense in managing these winter visitors is making frequent examinations of your roof. From the attic or top floor you should be examining any areas that are damp or wet. Take a peek at your insulation to identify water or moisture. As with any roof inspection, be on the lookout for any water stains or mold.

If you suspect an ice dam on your roof, you can mitigate the damage it will cause by getting rid of any snow on the roof. This is risky however, the best course of action is to call a professional such as The Roof Repair Guys. Ice dams are serious things must be removed. Ice Dams can lead to structural damage such as peeling paint, uneven floors, warped walls and saggy ceilings. Additionally, mold, mildew and rot are health threats you want to resolve as quickly as possible.

Professional Repair for Ice Dams

The Roof Repair Guys are experienced in all kinds of winter weather hazards. Once the ice dam is noticed and a contractor is called, you will not have to worry about further damage to your home. When the The Roof Repair Guys promptly arrive a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of the room is completed. The walls and siding are also evaluated, additionally any structural damage to the roof such as missing shingles or dark patches are carefully noted. After all the damage has been examined, a plan of attack will be discussed with the building owner.

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The Roof Repair guys will lend their expertise in dealing with ice dam leaks and damage. From sealing the leak holes and reinforcing the damaged area, a complete set of options will be presented. Customer Satisfaction and communication are one of the most important things when calling The Roof Repair Guys.

The Roof Repair Guys have 15 years of experience with treating and preventing ice dams. Give us a call for a free estimate and rid yourself of the worry and stress that ice dams cause. Ask us about our roof preventative maintenance packages!

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