Importance of Fixing a Leaking Roof and Maintaining Them

Apr 9, 2021 | Whats New

Roof Leaking is an issue that several of us have encountered at least once in our lives. If not fixed, this problem can turn out into an outright nightmare. Leaky roofs can result in serious interior damage at your place, forming a mold, damaging the plaster or resulting in a structural failure. One of the biggest problems is to find the cause of the leak which in turn can result in a great amount of frustration. This is where you require professional guidance – Roof Repairs Johannesburg is the answer to your troubles.

Signs of a Leaking Roof

The source of most of the leaking roofs is quite difficult to locate. Sometimes it is obvious to notice the signs of leak. You might have noticed water trickling from your ceiling or there might be times when you notice a small damp spot on your roof. During rains, there might be peeling and bubbling of interior paint. There is a whole lot of exhaustive list for the same which you can find on the website of Roof Repairs Johannesburg.

Importance of Repairing & Maintaining Roofs

A roof might not be leaking, but it is always advisable to inspect roofs once every 3 years. Proper maintenance and frequently repairing your roofs are key features to keep your roofs going strong. A roof can be left vulnerable to water damage because of broken or loose tiles, rusted screws or cracked roof seams. Even a little damage to your roof can open doors to many other issues like flooding, mold growth, which can also harm your health, roof structural damage, and nesting of insects.

Safety Tips for Repairing Roofs

While working on the roof, a reliable set of safety precautions need to be followed, before beginning the repair;

  1. A roof can be wet and slippery, so if you are planning to work on a leak, then you should do it on a sunny day.

  2. Safety ropes should always be used while working.

  3. It is always best to use rubber-soled shoes as they give the most excellent traction while working.

  4. The power lines should be kept in mind before starting the work.

Why Choose them for your services?

Roof Repairs Johannesburg are proud of their history of exceptional service and continuous hard work. Their highly trained staff is excellent in repairing leaks, damages, rotting wood, and more. They bring with them decades of combined competence of leak repairs. They provide services at a cheaper rate as compared to other services. The services provided by them include:

  • Replacing & Repairing broken tiles and ridges.

  • Flashing repair or replacement.

  • Insulation.

  • Painting & Thermal Coatings.

  • General waterproofing.


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