Snow Guards and Ice Retention Systems

Oct 22, 2019 | Whats New

This is the perfect opportunity to examine Snow Cleats as winter is quickly arriving for Lackawanna County in Northeastern PA. We have previously discussed how to prepare for winter in our Winterizing Your Roof article. We discussed the damage an ice dam can do to your roof and home. However, one topic we would like to expand on is addition of snow guards, ice cleats or snow bars to your roof.

Ice cleats are an inexpensive winter prevention option which deserves its own category. On an exposed fastener roof ice cleats may be called ice breakers or snow birds, but they all describe the same principle. The reason why we want to examine these separately from the normal winter maintenance is because snow cleats not only protect your home, snow cleats also protect your family or employees.

copper snow cleats2

What are Snow Cleats/Guards?

snow avalanch

Snow cleats are small roof add-ons that stop the snow and ice from building up on your roof. When a large amount of snow or ice builds up on your roof the weight not only causes structural damage to your home or business it also increases the chance of a Roof Avalanche. These dangerous phenomenon occur when the weight of the snow or ice is so high that gravity drags all the snow and ice off your roof. Hundreds of pounds of ice and snow drop at once. Although this may be a stunning sight, it is quite dangerous as you can see below.

The Roof Repair Guys always produce beautiful and high quality roofs and repairs. This roof was replaced in less than a weeks time. As a result, the church was able to hold its Sunday morning religious services with a brand new and leak free roof. The congregation loved the new roof and were completely satisfied. The Roof Repair Guys easily work with any budget and time frame, we stand by our work and truly enjoy contributing to the community.


The Many Benefits of Snow Cleats

The benefits to installing snow cleats on your roof are numerous. Of course the primary benefit is safety. With snow cleats installed there is almost no chance of a roof avalanche. This protects your family and loved ones while also reducing the chance your home or business will get an expensive insurance claim.

Another benefit is that your roof will be less likely to sprout leaks. The snow cleats and rail systems hold the snow above your attic or top floor. The heat from these floors will melt the snow that is held in place by the snow cleats, thus preventing ice dam formation and subsequent leaks in your home.

snow bar metal roof with snow 1
snow bar on metal 2

As with all roofing projects, budget is a primary concern. The benefits of roofing cleats or ice breakers is that they are inexpensive to purchase and install and they will save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the future. Why not spend a little money now so you won?t have to spend a lot of money in the future?

Contact The Roof Repair Guys for a free estimate. We would love to help you protect your home, family and business from brutal winter weather mixes. The Roof Repair Guys make sure that the first install is a perfect install. We always use the best materials to ensure that our install is also the last install ever needed.

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