Roof Replace | Milton PA | Northumberland County

Aug 30, 2019

The Roof Repair Guys were recently called by a concerned home owner in Milton, Pa out of Northumberland county. The concerned couple had been dealing with a bothersome roof leak that accrued over the past few years as a result of a faulty installation by an inexperienced contractor.

roof with leaking valleys missing shingles

The couple had noticed that several leaks had appeared about three years after they had a shingle roof installed. They reported that the contractor had seemed rushed and tried to complete the roof as quickly as possible. Getting a roof repaired quickly is normally a great thing! However, the contractor had overbooked their schedule and used cheap improper materials. The only people who benefit from this frantic pace and low quality materials is the contractor himself. Installing a shingle roof may not seem like a complicated procedure, but to an experienced team like the ones at The Roof Repair Guys, it is common knowledge that the work can be completed quickly, but quality work and perfection take a little while longer. Quality should never be sacrificed for speed.

Enter The Roof Repair Guys

The Roof Repair Guys pride themselves on their professionalism and their knowledge and experience of roof repairs and installations. Often times we see other contractors promising extremely quick jobs at very cheap prices. After being in the roof repair business for over 40 years we have come to realize that these very quick completion quotes for very little money are riddled with hidden problems. To complete the job at their promised time frame these contractors will cut corners and shave time in places which should not be rushed. For Instance instead of waiting an appropriate amount of time for the various glues and seals to set, these fly by night contractors will cut the waiting time down and work while these seals and glues are not finished setting, resulting in a sub par job.

As you can see in the pictures Rodney’s house had started leaking in the valleys of the roof, one of the areas that is most susceptible to leaks, especially after a poor installation. The valleys are low points on the roof which are used to channel the water from the roof into the gutters. If the valleys are not ?flashed? correctly, they will be a prime target for leaks. This is especially true in the winter when snow will accumulate in the valleys or in the fall when the gutters are clogged with leaves or other debris.

roof components

In Rodney?s case improperly placed roofing nails allowed moisture to get through to the interior of the home as well as missing a ice/water shield, which Rodney was told he did not need. In all actuality it was extremely important. Untrustworthy contractors will avoid installing an ice/water shield or a proper roof flashing in order to make very low priced quotes. Unfortunately this will almost always cause a problem in a few years. This is a perfect example on why it’s important to choose a reputable company with decades of experience, like The Roof Repair Guys.

Leak Urgency

The Roof Repair Guys provide the best work in the industry and follow a patented repair process to ensure satisfaction and communication lines are completely met. After Rodney first contacted The Roof Repair Guys via email, we responded to his query immediately and called him back the same day.

We realize that for many repair issues, speed and urgency are paramount. We make sure that the client is contacted as quickly as possible and reassured, as some roof repairs are an emergency that does not have the luxury to wait a few days for a phone quote. Communication is vital at this point as a rough quote is generated and a temporary timeline is set. We tackle all repairs in the most logical and pragmatic way, providing quality work for an excellent price.


Roof Replace Process

In the case of Rodney and his wife, The Roof Repair Guys sent the lead project manager out to the property to assess the damage the next day. Being a local company staffed with Pennsylvanian natives, we were able to assess the damages and repair costs almost immediately upon seeing the roof. Pennsylvania is well known for experiencing all the extreme weather patterns. The winters can get very cold and roofs can accumulate heavy snowfalls. In the fall, as colorful fall foliage is shed, gutters can get clogged and roofs can bow under the weight wet leave accumulation.


Rodney’s house had been the victim of a brutal summer thunderstorm. Not only had leaks appeared due to the ineptitude of the previous contractor?s work, but the high wind speeds during the storm had blown the shingles completely off the roof! Having seen damage such as this many times, the lead project manager was able to do a walkthrough? and examine the storm damage from the outside as well as the leaks from the interior of the home. During this completely free diagnosis, he quoted a timeline and a price. In this situation the couple decided they wanted to replace their shoddy roof with a brand new metal roof, with comprehensive leak warranties and adding a new look to their home.

The ?walkthrough? quote was discussed and optimized with the couples desired specifications and price, the repair team quickly started working on the roof. We repaired the leaking and missing shingles. We installed an excellent ice/water shield and flashing.

After the careful repair The Roof Repair Guys installed a beautiful standing seam metal roof with a color customized by the couple.


Total Job Satisfaction!


The couple was ecstatic about the way the new roof looked and the protection and warranties it offered. Another happy client serviced by The roof Repair Guys!


Please call or email us for a free diagnostic and roof planning service. Your satisfaction is our priority!