Roof Tune-ups – Why You Need One

Aug 27, 2021

Elvis Benoit learned the roofing trade at a very young age. He quickly learned that it was a very profitable business. He also saw that changes were needed. He worked for several roofing companies while mastering his trade but was not satisfied with the work that was being completed. He soon ventured out on his own and started All-Can Services.

The flaw in the roofing industry that Elvis saw was that the salesmen always sold the customer on a full roof, regardless of the age of the roof. This is when Elvis created the “roof tune-up”. Repairing a roof was almost unheard of at the time because there was simply not much profit in repairs. If you had a leak in your roof, no matter how minor, the solution had always been to replace the roof.

The roof tune-up put an end to that. When people were told that they could do a minor repair and literally add years to their roof the popularity of this small business from local roofer Elvis Benoit skyrocketed.

What the roof tune-up did was unheard of. Though less profitable there was certainly much need for the clientele. Visible damage on a roof caused by high winds, animals, normal aging etc.. used to mean you needed a new roof. Now it means you need to call up your local roofer and get a roof tune-up.

Just one nail that is missing or not in place can cause a leak in your roof. Missing or old caulking can cause a leak around your vents or stacks. Broken valleys can be replaced and it looks like new. These are minor repairs that once constituted the whole roof be replaced.

So the tune-up put an end to that. However, it is very important to ensure the company performing the tune-up is qualified because as so often happens when a new concept or idea catches on, there are a lot of imitators.

Only a handful of homeowners will go on their roof to see the possible damage. So be sure you are hiring a reputable company.You would never let your electrician cut your hair, so don’t let just anyone get on your roof.

A roof tune-up can save you not only money but the stress that comes with finding you have a leak in your roof. So call your local roofer today and find out how you can protect you roof and bank account with this simple and cost efficient maintenance service.