The Care and Technology of Rubber Roof Repair

Rubber roof repair and rubber roof installation has become a strong trend when looking at low cost and easy to install water-tight roofs. Due to the popularity, rubber roof repair has become a sought after service. Rubber has proven to be a great material for roofing due to its accessibility, its price and its coverage. Rubber roofing or EPDM, is made from environmentally friendly recycled rubbers. It is also insulating, which will lower your energy costs, as well as being water-tight.

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Manufacturers have pushed for the installation of rubber roofs to all levels of contractors and consumers. As with any simple home improvement project, there is a wide variety of variables involved. There is an even larger variety of many roofer?s capabilities, across a wide specturm. The sad truth is that not all contractors are created equal.

Many customers who contact RRG’s need a quick rubber roof repair to fix an installation done from a less skilled contractor.

Many Do-It-Yourself websites provide consumers a list of conflicting materials and steps to repair a rubber roof yourself. Very few tutorials do a good job of providing comprehensive and correct instructions. However, one must understand that if just one step or one recommended material is the wrong choice, the roof will fail. Unfortunately the consumer will have to repurchase all the materials, spend more money, and devote more time repairing the roof to correctly.

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The Roof Repair Guys always perform perfect work

Luckily The Roof Repair Guys have considerable expertise in repairing and installing rubber roofs. Rubber roofs have been touted as quick, inexpensive and easy to install. Quick and inexpensive are correct however, easy to install is a misleading statement. Many manufacturers will give their Rubber Roof Certification after a quick seminar of training. The Roof Repair Guys know that a quick seminar is no substitute for hundreds of hours of experience. Installation of rubber roofs should only be performed by experienced contractors. Rubber roof repairs however, are relatively inexpensive and quick.

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Although seemingly simple, a correctly installed rubber roof requires many complex facets, which added together, make a perfect install. The Roof Repair Guys have been hired many times to replace an improperly installed rubber roof or to patch a leaking rubber roof. It seems many contractors will put a rubber roof on shingles or tiles in order to provide a cheap estimate. The Roof Repair Guys however, know that this will inevitably create leaks. To ensure complete client satisfaction, we use a precise checklist of materials and procedures. By doing it perfect the first time we ensure that the rubber roof will last for decades.

“Professionally Repaired” is different than “Repaired”

By calling a professional contractor, you can be sure that the repair will be done right the first time. Rubber roofs have a membrane which contains carbon to ensure longevity and water-proofing. We use a high quality cleaner which not only cleans the surface of your roof and treats it, it repairs damage and cracks. Once the area to be repaired is treated, we use a rubber optimized sealer and patch pieces. Many contractors will use non-rubber flashing from a shingle or metal roof around pipes or structures on the rubber roof. This flashing is often cheaper than using the proper rubber flashing. A consequence of cutting corners and using cheap materials is that the flashing will be more likely to leak and need additional work.

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Let The Roof Repair Guys handle the work!

Additionally when working with EPDM roofs many caustic chemicals must be handled. These chemicals must be carefully applied using standardized practices and protected against, as they may corrode other parts of the roof. Let us come and repair the roof and take all the necessary precautions to handle the chemicals and repair. Once hired, you will have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in the hands of professionals.

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The Roof Repair Guys stand by our high quality materials and high quality practices. We ensure that our repairs will last for decades and our warranties reflect that promise.

Give The Roof Repair Guys a call for a FREE estimate on repairing or installing your rubber roof. Experience peace of mind by calling the professionals. Many estimates can be handled over the phone!