Slate Roof Repair in Nuremberg, Pa.

Jul 31, 2019

The Roof Repair Guys are in the business of performing high quality repairs and creating happy customers. Even when faced with difficult slate roof repairs. Just take a look at two of our latest satisfied customers, Ryan and Grace from Nuremberg, Pennsylvania.

We are happy to offer a wide variety of services to fit any budget and request. Ryan and Grace had spent months trying to find the right repair company for their slate roof. After getting nowhere with other contractors and repair companies, Michael and Jill called The Roof Repair Guys. We came out the next day to provide a free estimate and, repaired and revitalized their slate roof in one day.

“Slate roofs are notoriously difficult to repair.”

Slate roofs are notoriously difficult to repair and install. However, The Roof Repair Guys have ample experience repairing all types of roofs including slate roofs. Slate roofs have a timeless and historic aesthetic that lasts for more than one hundred years. Therefore, Ryan and Grace were afraid they would have to replace their slate roof due to the difficult nature of slate roof repairs. But, we worked with them on their best repair plan and we were able to save the beautiful slate roof.

Above all The Roof Repair Guys focus on customer satisfaction. As a result of our commitment to the customers we provide a thorough free estimate of the repair fully describing the repair process. In addition, we make sure to keep the customer fully informed throughout the whole repair.

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Our team of local experts are looking forward to refreshing your roof and leaving you completely satisfied!

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Please review the interview transcription:

“I highly recommend the roof repair guys because they showed up sooner than I expected for the estimate and the repair and they repaired our roof quickly. In contrast to the professional work of the roof repair guys, we had called a general contractor from a different company and he came out for an estimate over a month after we called him about one month after I called him. Furthermore, he never gave us the quoted price and then he never returned any of my calls after that! Similarly, another guy we called he said he could come out for an estimate three months after we called him!

As a result of these other companies inadequacy we?re really happy with The Roof Repair guys and not only did they come out immediately, the roof repair was super quick they had the repairs done in three hours. Also, this is for a slate roof which is super hard to find anyone who does a slate roof. We were afraid that we were gonna have to get rid of our beloved slate roof so, we are thrilled that they came through for us! We totally recommend the roof repair guys like seriously and if you utilize them you will be completely satisfied.”