Winterizing your Roof in Mountain Top, PA

Everyone in Pennsylvania knows how brutal the winters are. Due to the severity of weather patterns it?s important to winterize your roof. An area that is hit particularly hard is Mountain Top, PA. As the name states, Mountain Top home winterization is a challenge. The area has some of the highest elevations in Luzerne county. Also affecting its weather systems is the fact that it is located on the edge of The Valley?. Here, wind speeds can be much higher than those seen in the protected lower elevations.


manage snowfall flatroof 1


In Pennsylvania we have come to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In fact, the farmers almanac has predicted a windier and colder than usual winter from November to March. Now these severe weather patterns are interesting in their own right. However, how does this information affect homeowner’s roofs in Mountain Top? The answer is not as complicated as you think. Let’s examine how to prepare for some of the worst winter weather.

Preventative = Cheaper!

In order to protect your family and keep your heating costs down a few preventative maintenance practices will save you a lot of money. Not to mention the reduced stress in the upcoming, unpredictable winter season. A vital and easy step you can do on your own is visual inspection. You can break this step down into 3 areas of concern. The roof, the gutters and the attic. Let?s examine each step in more detail.

Examining the roof is the most logical starting point. You only need to go outside and inspect your roof for threats to your home during winter time. There are a few common items for you to be concerned about. Which we explore with our Mountain Top home winterization example, here.

winter ready roofing shingles
winter damaged roof shingles

First and foremost you need to look for any missing or damaged shingles. These are the most important threats to your home. You will have to address the damage before winter, to insure your home stays watertight. This will also protect your wallet due to high heating costs.

Other culprits found on the roof are overhanging branches that might have grown over your roof during the summer. A general rule of thumb is to trim the branches at least six feet away from your roof. This prevents dripping water and sap on your roof, which may clog gutters or drainage areas.

Roofing Safe | Not Sorry

Now fixing damaged shingles and removing branches and debris sounds easy, however it is best to contact a professional. The Roof Repair Guys are there to make sure the job is done perfectly and to minimize the risk of injury or improper installation. Let The Roof Repair Guys take the risk and relieve the stress of having to work high up on a roof. We will do the job perfectly, quickly and at a fair price.


clean grey shingle roof


Another VERY important detail when winterizing your home is to check and clean your gutters. If your gutters are damaged or blocked when the snow or ice comes, it will have nowhere to go. These simple gutter blocks will quickly lead to leaks, damaged shingles and mold. Mountain Top, Pennsylvania is known for its beautiful foliage and nature. It is especially important to examine your gutters and remove all debris from the gutters and roof. This is another simple job which would only take The Roof Repair Guys a few hours, yet it is dangerous for the homeowner to do it themselves. Once again, The Roof Repair Guys will quote a low price. Then we do all that is necessary, quickly, to give you peace of mind for the oncoming winter assault.


You can tell a lot, about your roof, from your attic!

removing snow from roof

Finally, a commonly overlooked area to examine while winterizing your home is your attic. Why should you examine your attic? It was key to this Mountain Top home winterization, that’s for sure. For example, there are few things you may find in your attic which will predict the health of your roof in the near future. First and foremost you will want to take a look at the vents and fans, are they working properly? Do they need to be unclogged? Having clogged or non-functioning fans and vents can lead to water and ice leaking into your home and causing expensive structural damage. Are there any stains on the roof in the attic?

Take a picture of them and then compare the picture to the same spot after a big weather event. If they increase in size you most likely have a leak. Finally, although raccoons are very cute, you do not want them as roommates, as they will further damage your roof. Look around for animal droppings, physical damage, nesting or food. Raccoons, possums, squirrels and even bats love a warm attic to vacation in over the winter. Do NOT seal their entrances to the outside before you evict them, as they will cause more damage and danger if they become trapped inside!

snow piled up on roof structure


In this article we discussed a few things that you can do before winter to protect your home. For NEPA, including Mountain top, winterization is essential, not an option. We highly recommend calling a professional roof repair contractor to winterize your roof inexpensively and keep you stress free!

Call The Roof Repair Guys now for a free inspection and inexpensive quote! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!